BABYMETAL Album winner of the 7th CD Shop Awards

BABYMETAL is one of the ten winners on the 7th CD Shop Awards 2015. The grand prize will be announced early on March! CD Shop announced today the winners, more details below. 



BABYMETAL one of the ten winners of the 7th CD Shop Awards 2015

The CD Shop Awards take place in Japan once per year. The winners are selected by the CD Shop clerks. The great winner will recieve the Grand Prize to be announced early on March and will host a Special Live Performance to be announced after the Grand Prize announcement. 

During the period of January 8 and January 18 of 2015 nationwide CD Shop clerks voted for their favorite releases, to select 10 winners between 20 nominated. The 10 selected are elected as winners. 

Here are the 10 winners of 7th CD Shop Awards 2015 (Alphabetical order). 


「amazing sky」片平里菜






「ラブストーリー」back number


「Tales of Purefly」MAN WITH A MISSION

「YANKEE」米津 玄師 


UPDATE March 3: CD Shop announced today that the final event to announce the great winner of the 7th CD Shop Awards will take please online via USTREAM on March 9 at 16:00 Japanese Time


To watch the show online:



BABYMETAL was announced as the winner of the Grand Prize of the 7th CD Shop Awards. 

Suzuka Nakamoto as Su-metal was in the ceremony representing BABYMETAL


Below some photos of the event and the TV coverage with translations courtesy of Thomas Malone

(Click the photos to expand). 



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