2013.12.18 - Suzuka talk about: "JAM METAL Project with SU-METAL"

As BABYMETAL member, Suzuka has one more performance than Moa and Yui. She performed as Su-Metal on the Japan Pop Culture Carnival on Novemver 4 of 2013 as guest for JAM Project. She was interviewed by Asian Beat to talk about her experience with the incredible group JAM Project. Read the excerpt of the interview emphasizing the part with Suzuka Nakamoto


Suzuka Nakamoto about her performance with JAM Project

..."As LoVendoЯ finished their performance the event had reached the 3 hour 30 minute mark and was now coming to a close. Next to take the stage was a special collaboration performance by JAM Project and SU-METAL, put together especially for the JPCC: “JAM METAL Project with SU-METAL (BABYMETAL).”

Together they performed metal versions to three famous anime songs, and I’m sure that the songs they chose were a surprise even to the audience. They performed “Touch,” “Yuzurenai Negai” and “Cat’s Eye.” These songs were chosen because they can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age.

Here are the comments from SU-METAL (BABYMETAL).

(BABYMETAL is a three-member group that merges idol with heavy metal and they’re currently drawing a lot of attention from around the world.)

SU-METAL (BABYMETAL): “I got to perform in a collaboration with JAM Project! At first I was really nervous but everyone in JAM Project came up and talked to me a lot and they taught me various things – it was an extremely worthwhile experience. In the end it was just a really fun event. I would love to perform in an event like this again!!

Download the full "JAM METAL Project with Su-Metal" performance!

Remastered audio by BABYMETAL Newswire, CLICK HERE

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