Sakura Gakuin reflections about the 2nd #LoGiRL program

Sakura Gakuin shares their reflections after their second apprearence on #LoGiRL program (watch first here, and second here). Moa, Ooga, Rinon, Sara and Yunano along with Mori-Sensei talked about LoGiRL #2 translated by 2zko.

Moa, Ooga, Rinon, Sara, Yunano and Mori about #LoGiRL program #2

- Moa Kikuchi 

"To all viewers in the world who watched us, we appreciate you very much. I hope we Sakura Gakuin can become your energy source and refresh you even if you've felt tired with the work at the beginning of the week. I want to grow more!!! Please look forward to next week again! Moa"

- Ooga Saki 

"How was the last LoGiRL in which Saki O. first appeared? My happiest moments were when we could connect to fukei-sans through the network!! Thank you for watching us. Ooga"

- Rinon Isono

"It was my second appearance in LoGiRL ( v^ -゚) I felt quite at ease (LOL) I think I could be myself, calm and relaxed as usual, didn't I? I enjoyed myself. I am RINON"

- Sara Kurashima

"I appeared LoGiRL for the first time, and what I felt the strongest is how exciting it was and time flew fast!! I guess both of viewers and us could enjoy together especially when we challenged "Origami at a segment named "Ganbare"!! Sara"

- Yunano Notsu

"About this time, I regret that I made a little too much fuss >_<; I want to find and do something we can do only in this program "Houkago! Manan-de Monday( ≒ Let's study together after school on Monday!)" more and more in future!!! Yunano"

- Mori Sensei

"(This week's evaluation stamp with cherry petals (by Mori-sensei) means "Good job")

I think every member could talk well.

As for me, I want to learn from Sara's strong heart. Mori"