Report: Knowing the Kami Band "Hideki Aoyama God Of Drums"

Wednesdays for our community are Kami Band Wednesdays, is the Kami Band Day and our third post is about God of Drums, Hideki Aoyama. Read below our artistic biography about him. 

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Knowing Doramu No Kamisama Hideki Aoyama

Hideki Aoyama was born on August 29 of 1986. He is the son of the very well known in Japan Jun Aoyama who passed away on 2013. Jun Aoyama played for the world famous Tatsuro Yamashita, MISIA, T-Square and many more. Jun Aoyama also participated in several of different projects and recording drums in the studio of different artists. According to some comments Hideki took his father's drum sticks as homage and he is playing with them on his live shows. 

Hideki started to play drumms since his early days. He likes to work as independent artist playing for different artists and bands. He is very well known for his capacity of improvisation and being an speed drum especialist. 


Hideki's drums on JAM Project
Hideki's drums on JAM Project

Hideki started to play as "Semi-Regular Member", and Support Band member of JAM Project in 2008. JAM Project means Japan Animationsongs Makers Project. The band was founded on July of 2000 by Hironobuy Kageyama founder and leader, Eizo Sakamoto, Ichiro Mizuki, Masaaki Endoh and Rica Matsumoto. After Ichiro Mizuku in 2002 and Eizo Sakamoto in 2003 left the band was added the great animesinger Masami Okui. 

In 2008 Hideki Aoyama was added as Semi-Regular member to play as part of their support band for live shows. During this time until present. JAM Project with Hideki Aoyama as part of the support live band released 8 Albums, 3 of those were created originally by the band and released 6 Live DVDs. As member of the JAM Project's support band Hideki Aoyama traveled around the world. 


During 2008 was created EVER+LAST, on November 11 of the same year was officially announced the formation while Hideki was member of JAM Project. Hideki joined the band formed by YU+Ki on vocals, Shuichiro on first guitar, Nakaze on second guitar, Shotaro on bass, Hideki on the drums.

In January of 2009 they started to play live shows. 

They released their first Album called "LAST-GATE" on April 12 of 2009. The Album had 10 songs.


After their first album, EVER+LAST released their first EP called "With Out Darkness There Is No Light" on November 11 of 2009. The EP had 5 songs and was released only instore events delivered hand to hand. On December they did the tour "With Out Darkness There Is No Light Tour 2009 - Burst Limit!" playing in 5 different venues. 

After that on April 14 of 2010 they released a CD/DVD called "侍核-SAMURAI CORE" and also a Maxi Single with the same name. On April and May of 2010 they played in several venues around Japan to celebrate the release of their CD/DVD and Maxi Single of "Samurai Core". The shows were called "Samurai Core Launch Event" to promote their new release. 

The EVER+LAST last live show was on August 1 of 2013 at Ruido K2. The band played live roughly 55 shows. 

EVER+LAST Formation
EVER+LAST Formation
Hideki's Promotional Photo for Samurai Core
Hideki's Promotional Photo for Samurai Core


As BABYMETAL Kami Band member, Hideki Aoyama debuted live on one of the most important shows of the band to date. Live Legend Z on February 1 of 2013 at Zepp Tokyo. Along with him Takayoshi Ohmura debuted live with BABYMETAL at that show. 

Hideki was part also of the first BABYMETAL Tour called: "Death Match Tour 'May Revolution' 2013" during May of the same year. This was first tour with a live band, called "Training Tour" by the girls. 


Hideki before Legend 1999 (no wig)
Hideki before Legend 1999 (no wig)

Hideki was the drummer for Kami Band in the most important BABYMETAL shows to date featuring: Live Legend 1999 (Yuimetal and Moametal Seitansai) at NHK Hall on June 30, the first BABYMETAL performance with live band at Summer Sonic 2013 playing in Tokyo and Osaka, Loud Park on October 20,


On November 22 was released the first BABYMETAL's Live DVD/Bluray "Live Legend IDZ" featuring Hideki Aoyama on Legend Z's show.


December 21 of the same year he played on Live Legend 1997, the second Su-Metal Seitansai. On March 1 and 2 of 2014, was part of the Budokan 2 Days "Red Night" and "Black Night" shows.  Also Hideki was part of the BABYMETAL Kami Band on their first World Tour on July of 2014 playing in France, Germany and England featuring the epic show at Sonisphere Festival. On August 16 and 17 played for second time at Summer Sonic 2014. On September 14 was the God Of Drums on the last World Tour 2014 show at Makuhari Messe. 


On October 28 was released another BABYMETAL's Live DVD/Bluray called "Live Legend 1999/1997" featuring Hideki in both shows.


In November, BOH and Hideki were featured in the Japanese Magazine "Drum And Bass" recording two instrumental tracks. 


Hideki closed his year as Kami Band member playing with BABYMETAL at Music Station Super Live on December 26 along with Takayohi, Leda and BOH


2015 started with BABYMETAL releasing "Live At Budokan" DVD/Bluray released on January 7.


On January 10BABYMETAL played at Saitama Super Arena for "Legend 2015, New Year Kitsune Festival" in front of 20.000 fans, at this moment the biggest BABYMETAL show. Event recorded for a future release. 


On March 20 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the "Coconut Sable" the mysterious girl rock band 5572320 released a new Single called "Pompara Pekuluna Papiyotta" featuring Hideki Aoyama on the drums.


On May 20, BABYMETAL released “Live In London – BABYMETAL World Tour 2014” DVD/Bluray and Limited Edition featuring Hideki in most of the content. 


During May and June of 2015 Hideki Aoyama performed the first part of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 as God Of Guitar playing in Mexico, Canada, United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Japan. In Japan played at the Makuhari Messe in front of 25.000 fans, the biggest BABYMETAL show at the moment.


On July 2 was interviewed by Drum Magazine. While the same month on July 5 was part as teacher of the Japan Arts College Seminar.  


On July 31 the media site Oricon published a extensive report about BABYMETAL Kami Band members featuring Hideki Aoyama. The report is about why Oricon thinks Kami Band helps BABYMETAL's popularity overseas (Read here).


In August, Hideki performed with BABYMETAL at Summer Sonic 2015, third consecutive time for him and BABYMETAL playing with Kami Band. After Summer Sonic Hideki as God Of Drums played the second part of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 in Europe playing in Germany and England at the Reading and Leeds Festivals on August 29 and August 30


Hideki with Morikubo Shotaro's band
Hideki with Morikubo Shotaro's band

In September joined Morikubo Shotaro's Live Tour 2015 playing at Dojima River Forum on September 13, Nagoya Club Quattro on September 20. In October performed at Iwaki Art and culture Exchange Center Theater on October 4 and Zepp Tokyo on October 11 to close the Tour. 


On September 13 took place the first BABYMETAL Kami Band Seminar for MI Japan. The event took place at MI Japan in Osaka, the sold out seminar was hosted by Takayoshi Ohmura, Mikio Fujioka, BOH and Hideki Aoyama. (Read more here


Meanwhile also in September started with BABYMETAL the "Zepp Concerts Tour" as part of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 in Japan playing in September at Zepp Namba in Osaka 2 Days and Zepp Sapporo in Hokkaido.


In October performed at Zepp Fukuoka, Zepp Nagoya in Aichi 2 Days and Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo 2 Days


On October 3 Hideki Aoyama presented as Wincent Drumsticks Artist. Hideki joined the company and was highlighted on Apple Core Japan's site on Wincent's section. 


On October 5 was released new music composed by ESP Artist and Bassist KOTA in collaboration with Kami Band members Hideki Aoyama and Mikio Fujioka on NHK Kids program "Shakiin!". The music composed was broadcasted in the corner "Momo mo moe!" of the program. 


On October 25 Hideki joins "Destiny Calling Vol. 1" - Anison meets Rock!!" at Shinkiba Studio Coast.


On November 22 Hideki performed for the first time with BABYMETAL at Ozzfest Japan at Makuhari Messe. 


Hideki ended 2015 performing with BABYMETAL at the Yokohama Arena "The Final Chapter Of Trilogy", place where BABYMETAL closed the World Tour 2015 on December 12 and December 13. In addition this month Hideki as God Of Drums played with BABYMETAL at Music Station, and at Countdown Japan 15/16. 


Hideki with BABYMETAL at Northern Invasion
Hideki with BABYMETAL at Northern Invasion

In 2016, Momoiro Clover Z new album "Amaranthus" was released on February 17, the album featured the track "We Are Born" where Hideki Aoyama recorded the drums and appeared in a teaser on Youtube (See details). 


Hideki started official activities in February with BABYMETAL at the NHK Broadcasting Center for a private & secret show for THE ONE members on February 18, in addition in February Hideki Aoyama hosted an instruments exhibition and talk with Aoyama family member Tomoki. The Aoyama brothers hoted the event on February 27 at the Musical Instruments Cafe in Chiyoda-ku in Tokyo. 


On April 2 played with BABYMETAL the biggest headline show outside Japan at the Wembley Arena in London, England, just 2 days after on April 4 performed also with BABYMETAL at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, this show marked US TV Debut for BABYMETAL.. After that he went on Tour with Morikubo Shotaro's Tour in Japan until BABYMETAL's tour in USA. Hideki played 6 shows finishing on May 2, just 2 days before the start of the BABYMETAL US Tour in New York City. 


Back on April 24 Kami Band God Of Drum Hideki Aoyama along with his brother Tomoki Aoyama talked on Sky Perfect TV about drumming and BABYMETAL (See report).


As Kami Band member Hideki played 8 dates with BABYMETAL during the first part of the US Tour staring on May 4 at the PlayStation Theater and finishing on May 14 at Northern Invasion Festival.


On May 11 JAM Project 15th Anniversary Premium LIVE THE STRONGER’S PARTY live concert footage is released.


A week after the end of the BABYMETAL US Tour, Hideki re-joined Morikubo's Tour in Japan at Osaka BIGCAT on May 22. 




To be continued... 




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BABYMETAL at Sonisphere Festival 2014


BABYMETAL "Road Of Resistance" Live

Biography by: Maik Gianino

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