2015.01.27 - Yui Mizuno interviewed on BIG ONE GIRLS Magazine Nº26

The Sakura Gakuin Production Chairmanperson Yui Mizuno was interviewed on BIG ONE GIRLS Magazine Nº26 to talk about her stay on Sakura Gakuin and how she face her last days as Sakura Gakuin member. Also she talks about what she learned in her 5 years as Sakura Gakuin member. Full interview translated courtesy of YMJapan

Yui Mizuno about her past and present on Sakura Gakuin 


Q: How do you feel about your upcoming graduation in 2 months?

Yui: "I feel so lonely. Though I’ve been working hard to become like the graduates until now, I think I haven’t become a worthy figure to join the graduates yet with two months left. I’d like to polish myself more and grow rapidly in the remaining two months. I hope to hand down what we succeeded from senpais to kohais (younger members)."

Q: Do you have anything special you want to hand down?

Yui: "All the graduates were really respectable senpais having their own characters and never giving up tasks. In addition they keep giving us advice and keep their eyes on SG even after graduation. Senpais and we are connected. Since I love such SG, I’d like kohais also to know the importance of the connection. Though they may not realize it yet, I hope they recognize that when they feel real of our graduation. To realize that, I have to become such a (respectable) figure."

Q: How was the 10 months in 2014 nendo?

Yui: "I felt the four last graduates had a great sense of achievement when I saw their fulfilled faces at their graduation ceremony, and I wised to graduate from SG like them. So I’ve spent each day carefully. Though I still have some problems, I’ve been pulling all my strength on my own way for perfect combustion and I don’t have a sense of regret."

Q: You said “We want to perform all the songs of SG at least once in the lives this year.” How’s it going?

Yui: "A couple of songs remain. But it’s kind of difficult because “Sakura Hyakuninisshu” requires 12 members and “Wonderful Journey” has the Raura problem*. (laugh) But I think I could show my individuality as a Production Chairperson. Though doing all songs is a target, I’d like to give priority to allowing 10 members to sing with full of hearts not to lower the performance quality with a few lives remaining."

Q: What have you learned and how have you developed yourself in the 5 years of SG?

Yui: "Let me see… I have problems more. When I lose confidence, I become incapable of anything, getting the mindset of diffidence. But I’ve become to think of talking like, ”That girl is trying hard, I’ll try it too”, and on singing, Marimari (Horiuchi Marina) talked to me, “What does Yui think of the meaning of this lyrics?”, and “I think it means like this though it’s not an easy word” ,telling me the meanings of lyrics I wasn’t aware of and different interpretations from mine. That helped me to enjoy singing more. Though I may be inferior to other members technically, I think I have a passion for getting across myself as much as they have. I think I could grow up on those points."

Q: Message for fans.

Yui: "I take it’s my roll to lead and teach members so that nobody worries about the future of SG. I’ll try my best as a Production Chairperson until the end to make our hearts one and to stay members’ minds even after graduation. I wish to graduate with confidence and hope you keep on supporting us."

Yui’ s 3 favorite songs of Sakura Gakuin:

Yume ni Mukatte

"This is the first song SG performed on stage and our debut song of course. It has the feelings of original members, ”SG is starting, we’ll do our best from now on”, and all transferred students sung it on transfer ceremonies, so I think it’s filled with everyone’s fresh spirits. This song reminds me what we have now owes to everyone getting over a lot of things, I love it."

Mikansei Silhouette

"I think this song is filled with all important things of SG to date, even though it was made after the graduation of Ayami chan’s generation. I’d like younger generations to continue to sing this song and get to know the meaning of the lyrics and the situation so that we can have the SG in which graduates and current members are connected all though ages. Since I love the “bond” of SG I love this song so much as to think as if I’ve been singing it for many years."

Heart No Hoshi

"As we had a number of extra curricular activities, we have had less time to spend with members and to make our hearts one. It’s been hard in that sense, but everyone has been trying hard to “connect” just because we were apart. This song has the essence of the feelings, I love it."