2015.01.27 - Moa Kikuchi interviewed on BIG ONE GIRLS Magazine Nº26

Moa Kikuchi was interviewed on BIG ONE GIRLS Magazine Nº26 released in January to talk about her experience as Sakura Gakuin member, the last 2014 Nendo, watch she expect after her graduation and her favorite Sakura Gakuin songs. Interview translated courtesy of YMJapan

Moa Kikuchi about her experience as Sakura Gakuin member and President


Q: How do you feel about your upcoming graduation in 2 months?

Moa: "I joined at 5th grade and I’m a Jr. High 3rd now. It’s happened all too quick."

Q: How was the last 10 months in 2014 Nendo?

Moa: "I feel SG is wonderful. When we (Yui & Moa) couldn’t appear TIF in summer the other members said “We’re rooting for you”, and we were always keeping SG in our minds as well. Since I had more opportunities to talk with members as the School Council of President, I could realize everyone wishes to improve SG. Honestly, I’m still worrying if I’ve been working properly as a President. I’ve tried to express my feelings as much as I could but actually I’m not an expressive type. I thought it would be better to have Yui to take charge in performances for her dance experience, the talk chairperson handles MC and Hana can increase spirits. Then I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do…I consulted Marina-Chan, she said “I was also thinking like that.” and “I could just come to see our color at Shirasaki (Shirai Saki)’s birthday event.” Though I think I’m slow for not finding it clearly yet, I felt SG is great because we have our fellow graduates who support us thoroughly even after their graduation. Since feelings won’t come across without taking an action, I’d like to take the lead to send them in the remaining two months."

Q: What have you learned and how have you developed yourself in the 5 years of SG?

Moa: "I’ve learned the pleasure of sending messages. The words I deliver move someone, I think that’s a wonderful thing. On top of that, we have a lot of possibilities and experiences we would never have in daily lives in SG. To be in SG makes me feel nothing would worry me in the future."

Q: What do you think of your future after graduation?

Moa: "I put up “Super Moa-Chan” as my dream, but I think myself it’s a little too big. (laugh) Though I don’t have a certain idea for my future, I hope all members of SG reunite and have a live again, and to challenge the musical for which Mori-Sensei wrote the scenario. I wish to have many experiences even after graduation and keep launching them to our fans."

Q: Message for fans.

Moa: "I think our performance hasn’t become something we all would be satisfied with yet… I’m ashamed not to be able to show the current SG fully to the expectant fukei-san. As SG is a growing group, I’d like to grow in the remaining two months and show everything that, at this moment, only I'm able do."

Moa’s 3 favorite songs of Sakura Gakuin: 

Heart No Hoshi

"As a SG rule says, I often think “Think Of How Much Love” during the lives of SG this year. I sometimes felt after the lives, “We could do that if we cared about Fukei-San’s perspective more…" The 4 seniors talked about “What do we have in common?” We realized we don’t gather as often as the last year since Hana and Yunano work as HGS while Yui and I work as Babymetal. Then we thought “Make our hearts one even when we are apart”. I think that is what the current 3rd grades can send and “Heart No Hoshi” represents it well. I can put all my heart into singing it. I hope to make our hearts one with this song and send it to more people."

Jump Up

"The last graduates told us “We hope you keep singing this song in SG for a long time.” Tears well up involuntary in my eyes while singing this song, maybe because the last graduates were really important to me. It makes this song very special for me to think I have such a great feelings on it."

Mashmallow Iro No Kimi To

"When the first generation graduated I couldn’t accept the reality. As this song was made as an answer song for “See You…” it changed my feelings. Epic song."