2015.01.27 - Hana Taguchi & Yunano Notsu interviewed on BIG ONE GIRLS Magazine Nº26

Hana Taguchi and Yunano Notsu were interviewed on BIG ONE GIRLS Magazine edition Nº26 to talk about their last days as Sakura Gakuin members, how they feel in their last 2 months, what they have learned through the years and what they have yet to give to Sakura Gakuin. Read the full interview translated with both third graders thanks to YMJapan.


Yunano and Hana about their experience as Sakura Gakuin members


Q: How do you feel with two months left?

Hana: "I don’t have a real feeling at all…I don’t know why but I can’t imagine that, like ”Am I going to graduate?” I’ve seen the graduates every year thinking “ I would be like them someday, but it’s not close.” , but it’s two months left… so fast".

Q: How was the last 10 months in 2014 nendo?

Hana: "The graduates were good at taking a lead. I was told various things severely and felt “Why do they say so much?” on those times. But I realized that those people are necessary after they left. When 2014 nendo started we had many troubles like all of us couldn’t answer questions from younger members and warn them clearly due to hesitation. It was pretty messy. I came to think “I have no choice but changing myself” this year, since I can’t make a growth as long as I think “someone else would do it”."

Q: You were able to change.

Hana: "Finally. Now I feel “I must do!”, I’d like to increase the pace in the two months to come across the things that we should succeed to the next generation, like SG’s tradition."

Q: What have you learned and how have you developed yourself in the 4 years of SG?

Hana: "I assumed that mastering the choreography would be good enough when I started. But I think that’s not enough at all now. Since I’ve become possible to show various expressions I think I could grow on that point."

Q: Don’t you think you become able to show your personality? Airi-chan (Matsui Airi) said “I was surprised Hanapu- became Oraora-kei (pro-wrestler like attitude)”.

Hana: "Glad to hear that. Well, I was just really awful before. (laugh) I could say “I love pro-wrestling” thanks to Mori-Sensei greatly. As he does to other members, Mori-Sensei drew my uniqueness on open class events and others to make me become to show myself. I’m grateful to Mori-Sensei."

Q: Message for fans.

Hana: "Though we don’t have much time, there are many things we can change and do if we will, I’d like to take a lead myself so that I can graduate with a sense of perfect combustion."

Hana’s 3 favorite songs of Sakura Gakuin:

Yume ni Mukatte

"We’ve been singing this song from the first generation and it means a lot to SG. Actually I take this song has different colors depending on the generation. Also, in a personal sense I’m really pleased to sing the part after an interlude, “Habatake Yumeni Mukatte Massugu”."

Miracle Patiful Hamberger

"I love Minipati so much that I once said in a live “Give us one more Minipati song”. That caused…or, maybe not? (laugh) This song came out after that. I remember I got in high spirits thinking how I should sing lines for the first performance."


"I think this is the outstandingly coolest song among SG songs. I feel we can show a different side of SG through the performance and I enjoy the singing and dancing, love it."


Q: How do you feel about your upcoming graduation in 2 months?

Yunano: "I’m feeling my graduation is coming close, still it hasn’t hit me. I feel like I may stay in SG even after graduation, (laugh) somewhere in my mind. But we have only a little time until graduation while we have many to deliver to kohais, so I’d like to send them as much as possible."

Q: Would you give us an example of what you would like to send?

Yunano: "Actually I was not good at group activities and often being alone. But there are something what I wouldn’t handle by myself in a hardship. SG Senpais helped me in those cases. I became to feel “I’m not alone” thanks to members of SG. I could see lots of fukei-san’s smiles and felt “There’s a place where I can really push myself hard like this” after joining SG, so I’d like to tell the wonderfulness of SG where you can immerse yourself to them. Also, I hope they have a sense of “Show our own stage” and succeed the best SG."

Q: How was the last 10 months in 2014 nendo?

Yunano: "I personally feel I’ve become able to show myself. I sometimes wasn’t able to show my character for some hesitation, like “If I say something now, it might trouble a Senpai”, or “Maybe I should give way to Senpai now” (laugh). But since I turned 3rd grade, I felt the responsibility to become more reliable as a senior. I also thought “Try anything, it’s the last year anyway!” (laugh) I feel like becoming eager to enjoy every single activity in SG."

Q: What have you learned and how have you developed yourself in the 3 years of SG?

Yunano: "It’s embarrassing to put it myself, though I think my performance has been improved a little in the three years. I was said, ”Your dance looks small” before, but now I come to think what makes my dance look dynamic. I wasn’t into singing much before but it’s enjoyable these days…"

Q: Hold a second, you mean you were not good at almost all of the SG activities?

Yunano: "That’s right. I was so bad at them that I cried often. (laugh) I joined with Saki(Ooga) and Mariri. Since I was elder than them, I was thinking “I would be able to handle somehow”, pretending to be calm. But the truth was the Senpai members were at a totally higher level and Saki and Mariri made desperate effort to catch up with them, leaving me the worst member. In addition we got telling offs the early days. I got them on almost everything I did so…I didn’t go wrong, (laugh) but I tended to give up like “I’m not capable of anything…” However, everyone game me advice and I thought this is the place I could immerse myself. I think I could grow on that point."

Q: Message for fans.

Yunano: "Whatever happens, we have just two months. I’ll try my best so that I won’t regret anything."

Yunano’s 3 favorite songs of Sakura Gakuin:


"I think SG has stronger feeling of corporation and building up bonds than any other groups. Since this song is filled with friendship and carries SG taste, I love it."


"I have an image of “The school song for SG” on this song. I like to feel a sense of unity with fukei-san with this song in lives, making me feel relieved."

Yumeni Mukatte

"Though I wasn’t in SG when this song was born, the graduates say “This song is filled with everyone’s hearts the most.” This is the first song for SG and I think SG of today doesn’t exist without this song, the very important song."