Sakura Gakuin interview with Tower Records President and "Revenge" Live Performance in March

Sakura Gakuin announced more activities for March including an intimate interview of Tower Records President Ikou Minewaki with the 4 Third Graders, Moa, Yui, Hana and Yunano. Also announced "Revenge" Live Performance, both events part of the new DVD Single "Aogeba Toutoshi ~ from Sakura Gakuin 2014" promotion.

Information translated by Thomas Malone

Interview with Ikuo Minewaki and Live Performance in March announced! 

Sakura Gakuin will be putting on a non-gratis Talk with the 3rd Graders and Tower Record President, Minewaki and a “Revenge” Live performance

On March 4th Sakura Gakuin will release the DVD single, “Aogeba Toutoshi ~ from Sakura Gakuin 2014”. In commemoration of this they announced that on March 5th the 4 third graders will appear as guests in a recording of “Nanba Kazuki's Idol SanjuuRokuBou” Talk show to be held in Tokyo at Shibuya Tower Records B1F CUTUP STUDIO on March 8th as well as putting on a free live performance at Lalaport's Toyosu Seaside deck main stage. 

The March 5th event will be broadcast as a special project on the regular program “Nanba Kazuki's Idol SanjuuRokuBou” which is transmitted as a live streaming on the “Tower Revolve Project”. This is something that will definitely not want to miss as it will be a talk between Tower Record President, Minewaki Ikuo, who has supported the girls to the utmost from the time Sakura Gakuin began up until the present, and the four members of Kikuchi Moa, Mizuno Yui, Taguchi Hana and Notsu Yunano who will graduate this March. Tickets to participate will be distributed in advance to people who have reserved the DVD single, “Aogeba Toutoshi ~ from Sakura Gakuin 2014” at Tower Records Shibuya or Tower Records Shinjuku and once the tickets have run out there will be no additional issuance. This talk will be broadcast on the same day from 9PM on the “Nanba Kazuki's Idol SanjuuRokuBou” show.

The Free performance on March 8th will be held in two parts. At a booth set up for the event here will also be a bonus event that will give people who have purchased the DVD single, “Aogeba Toutoshi ~ from Sakura Gakuin 2014” a chance at a lottery drawing to receive either a ticket for viewing the performance in a special viewing area or a member's panel board signed by the girls. Last year a similar event for Sakura Gakuin was planned to be held around the same time at the same location but was canceled due to heavy snowfall and thus this event is called a “Revenge” performance.