2013.03.20 - Tower Records Graduation Special Interview with Suzuka Nakamoto

One of the best interviews with Suzuka Nakamoto so far and probably one of the best interviews related with Sakura Gakuin. Tower Records President Ikuo Minewaki interviewed Suzuka a few days before of her Graduation. Watch the 4 parts interview with english subtitles.


Suzuka Nakamoto interviewed by Ikuo Minewaki with english subtitles

A very intimate interview with the Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2012 Students Council President Suzuka Nakamoto on Tower Records, the interview took place on March 20 of 2013 just a few days before the official graduation from Sakura Gakuin which took place at Tokyo International Forum on March 31


She talks about her feelings about the graduation from Sakura Gakuin and also from her Junior High School. In the interview Suzuka share her experiences of her year as Students President and the incredible work she has to do to fix issues, how she and the rest of the girls faced internal problems, events, and the last shows before the Graduation.


Watch below the full interview with english subtitles. 

Translation and subtitles by Thomas Malone


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