2015.01.21 - Yui's diary: "About what I am interested in"

New diary from Yui Mizuno. Yui-Chan this time share her thoughts about her interests. The first interest is in stars, she mentions her love for constelations since elementary school, her second interest is english, she is very interest in learning english to be a great english speaker. Translation courtesy of Onji Kobe

Yui talks about her interest in stars and be a english speaker 

Hello, it's Yui.

Today, I want to tell you about things Yui is now interested in.

The first thing is...Stars★

Yui loves to look up at stars when I commute back home after lessons or somethings

Especially in winter, I can see stars cleary than in summer, and I feel I get home in an instant.

When I was a lower grader of elementary school, I was into stars and read many books on constellations. But I've been just enjoying the view of night sky and know almost nothing about constellations. I really appriciate your telling me about constellations, Fukei-sans.

And the second. It's... English.

Yui seriously, earnestly, really want to be an English speaker!! The passion has gotton stronger and stronger during the oversea tour of extracurricular activity last year. Now my favorite class is English. One of my best friends is going to enter a highschool which give high priority to English study. She hope to have a job abroad in the future. Yui also hope to live abroad, if I can be a good English speaker. The friend is --like Yui--a huge fan of Ariana Grande-san, and we have made a promise to go abroad to a concert of Ariana Grande-san some time Yui dreams of seeing Ariana Grande-san and have a talk. Therefore, I try to do my English study seriously. And to that end, I've bought a diarybook for English writing and have been writing English diary everyday. I hope I can improve in English soon

Well, I'm really busy in January. After the new year's holidays, my schedule is full with Sakura Gakuin and BABYMETAL things!! It's tough but I'm really happy to see members so often. Also I will be able to meet Fukei-sans on Jan 31. I can't wait.

Oh, I've strayed from the topic....Fukei-sans, if you know good way to learn English, please tell me.