Sakura Gakuin on NHK "Music Japan" next February 16

Sakura Gakuin announced yesterday the group participation on NHK "Music Japan" and is looking for people to watch the recording of the show. Below the details translated by our translator Thomas Malone

Sakura Gakuin to appear on NHK "Music Japan"

This is the official announcement published yesterday on the Sakura Gakuin official Site

"It has been decided that Sakura Gakuin will appear on NHK's “Music Japan” And in accordance with this, NHK is looking for people who would like to watch the recording of the show. 

(Recording date) February, 16th (Mon.)

(Location) NHK Hall (Shibuya, Tokyo)

Please use the following link for more information and then please apply.

(Participants will be decided by lottery)

NHK's Homepage

NHK mobile site

Menu-->TV-->NHK-->Watch (Kanran)

The deadline for application is January 26th (Mon.) 23:59. Entrance is free but is limited to members of NHK's Net Club Premium."