2015.01.19 - Diary by Moa about Flu and #LoGiRL 

Moa shared a new diary before the Sakura Gakuin appearence on #LoGiRL. Moa talked about the flu hitting Japan lately because of the low temperature, she mentioned that her father is sick with flu too. Also Kikuchi talks about the first participation of Sakura Gakuin on #LoGiRL. Read the whole diary courtesy of Onji Kobe


Moa Kikuchi talks about Flu and the Sakura Gakuin debut on #LoGiRL

Good mornooning It's Moa.

Recently, the flu is going around. Are you OKay, Fukei-sans? My dad ran a fever the day after SSA...and received a diagnosis of 'Type-A influenza'. He had been preventing himself from catching a flu by wearing mask...such is the terrific power of the flu!

For now, we 10 Sakura girls are all OKay.

Please pray for our health, we have to make it thorough this winter. And please be careful not to catch the flu.

For those who have already caught a flu, or who feel there is nothing interesting in this year......today I have a good news Fufufu.... The news is....

Ta Daaan!

We Sakura Gakuin now have a weekly program on "LoGiRL" which is a streamline content delivery service dedicated to introduce girls Idols!!!! And!! The first program of us will start at 19 on tonight, Jan 19!!!

Our program is the very first one on the delivery service!

You can see the program on "TV-Asahi Douga" channel.

19 on 19...!! It's easy to remember.

Now I can't even imagine what program it will be. But I hope to show our various aspects, multi-colored expressions of us which we couldn't show till now

Anyway, we shall enjoy the program and send many things to you!!!

 Do you want to see this face, and that face?!!!

Then, never miss to see LoGiRL at 19.