2015.01.15 - Moa Kikuchi Diary: "I will cherish the remaining days"

New diary post by Moa Kikuchi. Moa once again writes her thoughts about the Sakura Gakuin Graduation Event to be held next March and the new Single to be released on March 4. Also she wrote about BABYMETAL at Saitama Super Arena, Suzuka Nakamoto and the next BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 after her graduation from Sakura Gakuin along with Yui Mizuno. Translated diary by Onji Kobe

Moa about BABYMETAL at Saitama Super Arena and Sakura Gakuin new Single

Good Mornooning, it's Moa.

I had completed the mission in SSA a extracurricular activity of BABYMETAL!!!

Now I can dedicate myself into Sakura Gakuin till my graduation day, spending all my time to Sakura Gakuin (oh, I surely will treasure my last 'real' junior-high-days also).

I know everyone involved in BABYMETAL have thought carefully and make us Yui and Moa dedicate to Sakura Gakuin for the last three months. Especially, Nakamoto Suzuka-Chan(SU-METAL) the president of student council in 2012, realizing everything about managing to be successful at both BABYMETAL and Sakura Gakuin, coping with being both a BABYMETAL member and a senior of Sakura Gakuin, gave us the time to dedicate ourselves into Sakura Gakuin as a gift. Thank you very much, Suu-Chan.

The fans of BABYMETAL, thank you for your patience. It will be a brief parting. From the spring, we will go to see you, even if you don't like it. lol Please wait for a little while.

And now, we Sakura girls are under lessons and shootings of "Aogeba Tootoshi", our new graduation song to be released on Mar 4!!! Please look forward to seeing it.

As a Sakura girl, the next time I can meet you is the open-class event on Jan 31 (saturday)

It's been a while since we met last time, so we might be nervous...

We will try to change 'nervous' into 'exciting' and want to enjoy the event

I hope you Fukei-sans also will get excited.

I'm eager to meet you Fukei-sans more often! I will ask teachers to increase the number of events...severely as a president!!!! lol