2015.01.11 - Yui's diary about the beginnings of BABYMETAL

Yui Mizuno shared a ver interesting new blog post about the beginnings of BABYMETAL. She talks about the clothes they were wearing at the begining of the project until the release of Head Bangya. She also mention that Legend 2015 New Year Kitsune Festival is the last extra-curricular activity for her in Sakura Gakuin, and that means no more shows for BABYMETAL until the Graduation event for her and Moa next March. Diary post translated by Onji Kobe

Yui Mizuno: "I will never forget the resolution at the beginning. Never, ever."

Hello♪ it's Yui.

This time I will tell you a secret of Babymetal which I couldn't make it public till now.

If you have already been aware of this secret, you are really awesome!!

Well, are there someone who remember my diary on September 6, 2010? http://ameblo.jp/sakuragakuin/day-20100906.html It was a diary on my summer vacation 5 years ago. On the diary, I attached a photo of me wearing my own costume which I made for AMUSE KIDS recital. Look the photo carefully please., do you realize a thing? To tell the truth, the costume vest Moa was wearing at Doki Doki Morning is.....Yui's personal cloths. lol Some Fukei-sans have known our costume of Doki Doki Morning are personal clothes (it had been revealed on some interviews). But I think it is almost impossible to realize the costume is the same with the one on the diary!!

And. Yui's costume of Doki Doki Morning was Rau-chan's personal clothes and Suu-chan's costume was a teacher's personal clothes. The Yui's personal clothes which Moa wore was....for a kid 120cm tall. Now neither Moa nor Yui can wear it. BABYMETAL had started with personal clothes...so, when we made costume for Headbangya! , I felt so pleased.

Well, it's time to go to the main issue...

BABYMETAL "Legend 2015 New Year Fox Festival" on January 10 ended successfully.

For Yui, it was the last 'extracurricular activity'.

BABYMETAL started as a 'Sakura Gakuin Heavy Sound Club', and so many people's support have made BABYMETAL now.

I will never forget the resolution at the beginning. Never, ever.

Thank you very much for your support.