BOH's blog post: Impressions of BABYMETAL "Legend 2015, New Year Kitsune Festival"

BOH posted a new blog post. He wrote his impressions about the first BABYMETAL Show of the year at Saitama Super Arena "Legend 2015, New Year Kitsune Festival" (details here). He talks about the band, the three girls talent, the stage, the "Team BABYMETAL" and how everything is changing so fast for them. Also he talks about the HEDOBAN Magazine party after the show. Translation courtesy of "Dokoiko". 

BOH: "Babymetal will keep improving no matter what happens"

Happy new year everyone. This year I'm going to make my head shining more lol.

It's my first entry of the year! Yesterday was Babymetal's first show in the year at Saitama Super Arena. It's hyped very much as celebrating a new year. And it's a first show in Japan after lives in NYC and London not considering fan-club-limited Su-metal Seitansai. There were a lot of fans in Japan and from all over the world so all of us Kami Band members were very glad about that. The stage implementation was a mix of Japan and western and it's gorgeous.

How do you fans feel about growing up of Babymetal from two days at Budokan a year ago?

Team Babymetal had some solo shows over the sea, played at festivals with big names in the world, were mentioned a lot by media and worked hard and learned a lot.

One thing I noticed yesterday was Babymetal is going to go into zone of the invincible. To be precise:

  • Babymetal will keep improving no matter what happens.
  • No one can mimic Babymetal even if they want to go after or to be like it.
  • Babymetal leaves silly discussions whether it's metal or an idol behind by its live performance.
  • Babymetal has real talent that can attract everyone, not only by a narrow definition as "true metal" but by wider one as an "true artist."
  • it's a super project that Japan can be proud of in the world.

And more... Babymetal is the only one in the world and feels like invincible. These are revealing day by day.

Remember. Days of their very early days. Imagine. If you don't know any of these. The three girls of Babymetal were standing on a small stage in a small live house with backing tracks.

Every great successes, traditions, cultures and progressions have their beginning. Everything in the world have a moment of their first steps ahead. I wasn't there at the beginning of Babymetal so I can only watch videos and listen from others about early days of Babymetal, but Babymetal was from such a small start to this big project now in a short period, it is capturing metal fans, metal bands and music fans all over the world. There's still someone saying it's because of power of the office or the back band. But it's simply wrong. Su-metal-San, Yuimetal-San and Moametal-San have a talent, charm and heart which wants to deliver the best stage to their audience and it's the reason of success. And they are learning and these are increasing stage by stage!!

What is power of the office? Is it money? Name? Or publicity?

The back band is so good? Can good technique assure popularity? Can only good sound make a show attractive?

Do all the top artists who are good at playing and in top charts in Japan have a high reputation in the world?

That's what I want to say.

Hearts of the three of Babymetal move us. At least I play the bass with feeling that way.

Now I play at stages like this but it's not because I'm a great bassist. I can't make my name in the world even if I'm the best in the world. I can play here now because of songs, colleagues and fans that help me squeezing all the power I have.

It's an encounter to people. It's so important. It's what attracts me most. I believe the more I meet great people the better my bass play improves. There's no proven way to improve or evolve. Every experience effects each other and mesh of these makes it attractive. I'm fortunate to join as a part of this mesh and many people give me a good name, I thank all of them every day.

Yesterday I played solos in the show. I can play as my feeling goes, as loud as possible, at the center of the stage, with full of audiences in a big venue. There's few stages like this. Really few. 

My dream of introducing beauty of six string bass is coming true by Babymetal.

I can't realize these great experiences only by myself. So I thank all encounters I had.

What I can do now in Team Babymetal is to present greatness of the three and it's songs by doing my best to play best. And to improve myself by taking my responsibility of my play as a member of improving Babymetal.

In this hard days I want to date with a beautiful woman. Hoping to be hit by a beautiful one sometimes (I'm a turd).

My entries always end up like that. My character would change when I get too serious.

I won't lose anymore but my hair (I better be silent).

I don't know myself why I can joke like this after talking seriously like that.

Anyway I and Ohmura Takayoshi-kun joined a talk live of HEDOBAN Magazine which we owe a lot. We forced Maeta Yuya who came to see the show to join it lol. I joked a lot as usual (keep it secret in attendees).

I drove to the place so I didn't drink and kept myself from stupidity, but I would have been broken than my Nico Nama ( appearances if I didn't drive (I secretly promote).

So I wrote too long, in a word I could play a good live from the beginning of the year and I'm full of feeling with full of tits (Note: originally he said Ippai Oppai) that 2015 will be a good year (I'm turd).

I pray for me and all that it will be a good year... and I make a poem (again?)

I'm bald in spring air Still bald in summer and autumn Winter comes and have no hair.

Please keep your eyes on me this year too. (B • o • H)