2015.01.08 - New Diary by Moa Kikuchi: "The Sheep"

Moa Kikuchi wrote her first diary of the year. Dressed like a sheep shared her firsts thoughts about the Year of The Sheep. 

Read her diary translated by Onji Kobe

New Moa's diary post about the Year Of The Sheep

Happy New Year!

It's Moa. The year 2015 has come. This is the year of the sheep.

The sheep give the impression of being fluffy and very cute, mild, soft, and well-behaved. I hope everyone would be able to gentle to each other in this year. Do you know the Chinese character of the sheep is a part of some good-meaning Chinese character?

(Big)+ makes (Happiness) 羊+大 makes (Beauty) 羊+言(Word) makes (Virtue) and so on...

The sheep is greatly flourishing, isn't it?

Moa's New Year's resolution is 「報恩謝徳」. 【'hou on sha toku' = Be grateful for the blessings, and thankful of the virtue. From the words of Dharma 】

To so many people's so many favors, I will show my gratitude from my heart this year. May my sincerity reach for you!

I hope Sakura Gakuin can be a reason of your smile this year.