Live At Budokan is number 1 in Germany, Japan, UK and USA!

The new BABYMETAL release "Live At Budokan" had an incredible debut. Just a few hours after the release is already number one in several countries and reaching great spots in Asia and Europe, below details about Live At Budokan.

Live At Budokan is number one on iTunes and Oricon Charts

Live At Budokan was released on January 6 in Japan, phisically released first in Tower Records and HMV, and then started to be delivered all over the world on January 7. Orders from Asmart started to be released on January 6 and delivered to fans in Japan even the same day. Meanwhile for fans overseas the waiting will be a bit more longer, but is confirmed that most of the orders on Asmart,, CDJapan, HMV and Yesasia started to be shipped earlier today. 

In Japan, today after the release date, Oricon announced that Live At Budokan reached the Top 5 with the 3 official releases each one on their respective chart, the Live CD, DVD and Bluray had an incredible debut. 

Live At Budokan Bluray reached the position number 1. (Details)

Live At Budokan Live CD reached the position number 2. (Details)

Live At Budokan DVD reached the position number 3. (Details


Meanwhile in the digital world, Live At Budokan was released in the first hours of January 7 reaching the number 1 position on iTunes USA, iTunes UK and iTunes Germany Metal Charts just a few hours after the release overpassing Slipknot's "5: The Gray Chapter". 


Update: January 8 of 2014.

BABYMETAL's Live At Budokan reached #1 on iTunes Austria, iTunes Canada and iTunes Philippines! Details below. 

Also, in Japan Live At Budokan reached the #1 on iTunes Japan but in Top Albums! 


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