2014.12.31 - New Diary by Moa: "Thank you for your support in 2014"

Moa Kikuchi wrote her last diary of 2014. She wrote a deep message about the past of Sakura Gakuin, the present and the future of all of them as group. Moa talks about the moments when she and Yui were away of the Sakura Gakuin because of their activities with BABYMETAL, the record label problems when Sakura Gakuin started and a love message to all the Fukei-Sans. Read the translation below courtesy of Onji Kobe. 

Last diary of 2014 by Moa Kikuchi 

"It's Moa.

It's a little surprising that today is already Dec 31. And we soon will see the year 2014 out and the new year in.

In this nendo, We had 4 students from far district. And the President of the Student Council (Moa) and Producer Chairperson (Yui) had to be absent from Sakura some times because of extracurricular activity. So we could easily assume this year would be a tough one. But, we've learned one thing. Just by doing our best to achieve a goal in front of us, we can achieve anything!! And also, we've realized we can connect our hearts even if we are separated. We feel again the importance of our bond!

Now we are somewhat united and each girl can express her individuality. But I feel it is still insufficient for us to put our mind to improving the result. I think we need to think more, need to think and do something in order to make our passion into a good definite result.

When Sakura Gakuin was founded, our record label had not been fixed. And then, the record label was fixed and we came to be able to release a CD....I cannot express how pleased we were then. Most of the current members don't know those days. So releasing a CD (or DVD) might look as if a scheduled matter of course for them. I just hope to let them realize a fact, without so many people's efforts, Sakura Gakuin now couldn't have come this far. I hope to treasure every single stages(concerts and open-class events) and complete '2014 Nendo Sakura Gakuin' in remaining 3 months by 10 of us -- just like our senpais had done. We will make advances, without forgetting what we have learned in Sakura Gakuin, what senpais had taught us, the passion toward our dreams, the mind we want to send to you.

We will not be satisfied with just doing what we are assigned to do, or playing our expected role well. We will grow up and unite our minds -- not only the minds of 10 of us, but also the minds of Fukei-sans and our minds into one. Thank you for your continued supports.

And, just like the graduates had done for us, 4 of us seniors want to leave something which will make Sakura Gakuin better for the next year!!

Every one of Fukei-sans, I love you and I wish you a Happy New Year."