Hideki Aoyama summarizes his year 2014 on Twitter

The BABYMETAL "God of Drums" Hideki Aoyama did a short but moving summary of his 2014, He shared on his personal Twitter account the thoughts about his year. Translation of our member Thomas Malone


Hideki Aoyama shares a summary of his 2014

"Also this year was filled with many happenings. 

My father's funeral <-a very difficult event right from the beginning

The birth of my daughter <-She is so cute I feel like throwing up

The birth of my brother's son <-He is so cute I feel like throwing up

The birth of twins to my wife's brother <-They are so cute I feel like throwing up

I changed cars <-I was able to load it up with tons of stuff

I did many live performances <-I felt happiness in abundance

In brief this was how my year."

"This year as well I received the love and support of so many different people. Thank you all so much. Next year I hope to polish up my abilities as the doting and indulgent parent drummer I am and do my very best.

Right out of the gates in the New Year I will be drumming away madly, please look favorably on my endeavors. With that I wish you a happy New Year!"