New Blog post by BOH: "BABYMETAL has granted me, my dreams, to come true"

Boh-San wrote a new blog post about his experiences during 2014, from MICHEAL, to his band Seki-Roma to BABYMETAL. A very emotional and funny post by the God of Bass of BABYMETAL. Read his post translated below courtesy of Monsterpanda. 

Bassist Boh about his experience during 2014 with BABYMETAL and more


There is only a few days left till the new year. There are also few hair roots left on me as well (lol)

Everyone, Hi. The 6 string BASS Road Master, It's BOH, Hair on your head is a unwanted hair boy ヾ( ´ー`)

How was your 2014?

This year, I was truly gifted with a lot of wonderful experiences.

*Started off with a live with Game Music icon, Yoko Shimomura.

Stared writing column [Bass playing modifying manual] for Bass Magazine

Support for cleaner, a famous singer on the Nico Nico Douga.

Nico Nico Super Party, Nico Nico Super Conference mega event.

Support for MICHAEL, lead by Mitsuru Matsuoka of SOPHIA.

The reboot of my band SEKI-ROMA, and Sekihan Roman Yokochou show.

And the incredible speed of growth of BABYMETAL's back band, Kami Band's bass play… and such…

Everything was such a wonderful experience, I was able to meet a lot of people, and they have become my treasure. Of course I gave everything to each of the challenges!

And the one that stands out the most in my heart is the activity with BABYMETAL.

In March was the spark starting with Budokan 2 days one man show, and showed incredible momentum marching forward.

Especially going on a tour over sea was my dream since I started playing Bass!!

BABYMETAL has granted me, my dreams, to come true. (-\)(/-)三( ゚Д゚)

In the venues overseas, to a packed one man show, World famous metal festival invitation, in there the heavy thundering backing, and the cheers from the bass solo's…

I have never had an overflow of adrenaline due to over excitement until this year. ( ゚-゚)( ゚ロ゚)(( ロ゚)゚((( ロ)~゚ ゚

"If I stick to my Faith, I shall have wonder experiences. I believe my bass will give excitement & awe to many people!!"

Sticking to that belief after graduating high school at 18, I came to tokyo alone.

There were times I wanted to quit.

But I did not want to betray my decision when I was 18. I did not want that passion not to exist.

"There is no way you will be come a professional bassist that the world will accept" said people back home, and teachers. I did not want them to be right. Damn You guysーーーーーーーー\(*`∧´)/

Like that… I held those feeling inside me, and played bass for approx. 14 years.

Meeting people, memories, timing, luck… there were a lot of things that built up, and I was able to fulfill my dream of a overseas tour in 2014.

There is no way I can ever forget this year. ('-')(,_,)('-')(,_,)

Also SU-METAL san, YUIMETAL san, MOAMETAL san's charm, dedication, their explosive growth, and the passion they have for music and the stage can not be forgotten. (`・ω・´)ゞ

Because of the professionalism of 3 of them, you can say, they granted my dream.

All I can say, is Thank you while sliding, bowing to the floor and face scraping the ground (lol does that even make sense?)

And the hard working staff who support us. It is because of the comrades I can focus playing bass with my entire soul.

Of course, the strength we get from the Fans who cheer us and support us. o(゜∇゜o)(o゜∇゜)o~♪

There has never been a day I have not thanked and been grateful to my fans.

Being able to play at different places, Wonderful artists and fans showing interest in my Bass playing, and become fan of me…

It is wonderful being a session musician.

"I want to see BOH's bass playing at other venues"and whom come to my other shows, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. o(_ _*)o

I'm so grateful I'm losing my hair (already bald)

If you can not come to my shows, but compliment me on Twitter or my bog, Seeing people enjoy the sound or videos of me playing, I am filled with gratitude… SEXY BEAM( ・д・)/--=≡(((★†(←Idiot)

I was told once at the cabaret bar. Cabaret Girl "BOH chan, there is such a gap in who you are, your all bumpy and over the place"

BOH "Who's bumpy!! Look I'm smooth"

what ever .....┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌ ←Shit

Huh? What was I talking about…

Oh, Yea yea, Boobs… (wrong lol)

Anyways I was supported by many people this year, and my year was filled with happiness. ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Thank You, word can not express my gratitude and is overflowing like Big Boobs††

So as my words are getting worse and getting worse (as I am moved) Please listen to SEKI-ROMA's famous song. It is currently available on DVD. Panchira Drunker.

So, we mess around a lot in our songs, so please support SEKI-ROMA's activities in the future.

Next year, I plan to go even higher, and struggle daily to achieve this, even more so then this year.