2014.12.28 - New Diary by Yui Mizuno "The Setlist" 

Yui Mizuno wrote a new diary post about the Setlist of Sakura Gakuin on the "Celebration In December" Show, was the last show of Sakura Gakuin on 2014. Yui shares her thoughts about why those songs were chosed. Translation thanks to Onji Kobe
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Yui talks about the Sakura Gakuin Setlist on "Celebration In December" Show

Hello, it's Yui.

Today, look the setlist of the last concert.

Sakura Gakuin 2014 Celebration in December

1. School days

We have not played this song "with chorus intro" this year, so I wanted to play it as soon as possible with us 10 members. Don't you think only we Sakura Gakuin can start a concert with chorus?

2. Hello! IVY

I hoped to make a sense of unity with Fukei-sans by playing this song, which has been sung since the beginning of Sakura Gakuin, and by waving flags. It was so wonderful to see the venue full of pink flags.

3-7. Shuffle Units

Yui helped to decide which song each unit plays 'Go Home Club' couldn't decide between "Suimin Busoku" and "Hashire Shoujikimono", so I asked Saki(S)-chan -- as a representative of Fukei-sans -- which song does she think Fukei-sans want to see. She said "Suimin Busoku" seems good, so this time, one night sleepiece played "Suimin Busoku" I feel like to ask someone again when we can't decide.

8. Motteke! Sailor-Fuku

We has been dancing this song since the first generation. So I wanted to succeed. Personally, Yui was very glad to dance the choreo which had been of senpais.

9. Mezase! Super Lady

I guessed Fukei-sans would have been excited with shuffle unit songs, so I hoped to pump up Fukei-sans -- and also us --more and more. So I chose this song.

From the next song, I collected 'Role-playing' songs. I hope to show our cuteness by the songs in which we take roles of insects, animals or characters in the story.

10. Hana x Hana

We played roles of bees and took you to a flower garden.

11. AnimaRhythem

We played roles of many kind of animals. At the beginning of the 2nd verse, we made a shape of an elephant together. Could you see an elephant? Welcome to Sakura Zoo!

12. Sleep Wonder

In this song, we played cats, rabbits, bears and Alice. Hope we could take you to the wonderland of Alice. We played this song for the first time this year. How was that?

13. Heart no Hoshi

We had played roles of bees, animals, Alice....now it's about time to be ourselves. Then, no other song could be here. This song represent 2014 Nendo Sakura Gakuin best!! "Heart no Hoshi" is the concentrate of our hearts.

14. Mikansei Silhouette

This is a special song for us. Now there are students who have not shared time with founding members. With playing this song. even such new generations can feel the mind of the original Sakura Gakuin. I hoped to join 2014 Nendo Sakura girls' minds together. And also, by playing this song at the 4th anniversary concert, I hoped to be connected with all graduates forever. As I said in the concert, this "Mikansei Silhouette" was still mikansei(=unfinished, or incomplete). So, we will try our best to be able to show 'complete' Mikansei Silhouette, by putting our soul into the song, by strengthening our bond, by growing-up each time we play concert. Please look forward to seeing complete Mikansei Silhouette at the graduation concert.

15. Yume ni Mukatte

This is our debut song. So many times we have played it. So many memories with Fukei-sans are packed in this song. And also, the passion of graduates are packed in this song. I liked to finish the 4th anniversary concert with this precious song.

With these intentions, I made up this setlist. Could you feel them? I had expressed my intentions to all members and we had discussed and decided specific objective or aim(what we want to send to Fukei-sans) for each songs.

Yui now is planning setlists of every concerts till graduation with teachers. Please tell me the songs you want to see.

P.S. I had written a poster which show the setlist for each concert. But this time, dorm-students(and Rinon) wrote it for me. Yui made a poster which show how to express each song.

Thank you for reading through.