Sakura Gakuin: Open Classes in January and new DVD in March

Sakura Gakuin announced the release of the next DVD Single for March and also the Open Classes for January, more details below. 

The Second DVD Single of the next Album to be released in March

Sakura Gakuin announced on their Website that in March will be released the next DVD Single which follows the one released in October "Heart No Hoshi". The title of the new Single wasn't announced yet but the cost will be: ¥3,996

Meanwhile, also was announced the 3 consecutive "Open Classes" for the next month, on January 31 to take place at TFT Hall 500 in Tokyo. The Open Classes were named "Japanese Style Drums & Percurssion by YAMATO". 

The first lesson will start 14:30 with Moam Rinon, Ooga, Aiko and Megumi

The second lesson will start 18:00 with Yui, Hana, Yuinano, Saki S. and Sara.