2014.12.25 - Moa Kikuchi new Diary "My Mom"

Moa uploaded a new diary post, a very interesting post where she shares a great story about her mom which actually it's very related with the present she is living now. Read the diary post translated below by Onji Kobe


Moa Kikuchi new diary post about her Mom, LINE, Twitter and Love Live game

Good mornooning. It's Moa.

At the beginning of December, there was a parent-teacher-student meeting for course. The day of the meeting, we had only 3 classes and could go home at noon. At that morning, mom said 'You had better wait at school for the meeting. You can have a box lunch'. And Moa replied 'I like to come home, and then go for the meeting!'. Mom adviced me 'The meeting will start at 1pm. Returning home leave you no time to have lunch. It's beter to bring a box lunch and wait at the school!!'. But Moa got irritated and insisted 'Even if I would have no time to have lunch, I shall go home!!'. Having said that, Moa went to the porch to go to school.

Mom said at the porch 'All right! Then you must come home in time for the meeting, no matter what!'


And the classes ended and Moa had something to do and had a slight stomack ache...and found it was already 12:35 !! If I would have gone home, I would be late for the meeting... Moa decided to wait at the school. And mom arrived at the meeting place breathlessly at 12:58!


In front of the teacher, mom scolded me.'You said you would come home no matter what! And you bothred me, placing your convenience ahead of mine. Keep your word!!!' 'If you can't keep a promise, You have no right to do a job!!! Quit your job NOW!!! You are now doing what you want, doing on your own will!! You don't deserve to do it if you can't keep a promise!!!' 


I've heard my mom had been invited to an show-biz agency when she was a junior high student. But my grandfather --he had been a police officer -- dismissed the proposal 'A girl must be with her parents untill graduating from high school! No jobs while she is a student!' So mom had given up having show-biz job, and when she graduated highschool, her adore to the entertainment career had vanished and is saying 'I think it was good not to leave Nagoya'. But at gatherings of my relatives, sometimes someone starts 'If she had picked the show-biz career' story.

When Moa was scouted by AMUSE and said 'I wanna do it!', my mom had disagreed at first. But she thought it's not good to force me to give up dream with parental opinion....without challenging, there would be no consolation. So she soon gave me an OKay.

Mom obliged me to do what I must do first-- since I have a job while I am under compulsory education.

When Moa have to leave school early for a job, my mom send me to a station by car -- so as to make me study as long as possble. Mom says, as a junior-high student, it is a matter of course to do what junior-high students should do. Yes, it is surely a matter of course....but she is a severe mother!


The other day, a friend of mine came to me and said 'Give me you LINE!'. Moa replied no, because I don't do LINE. He laughed and said 'Are you a girl living in present Japan?'.

Mom said, as junior high school student Moa should not use LINE, because it enable to connect to a person whom Moa don't know well. The same goes with Twitter. 'You can do, when you can be responsible to your act' mom says.....yes, she is severe.

I sometimes think most girls of my age is doing LINE or Twitter....and is said 'Live and let live. That's good for them. You must think what is good for you!' or 'If you can't find what is good, quit your job now!', Yes, she is severe and....right!!?!!


As you know, Moa loves to play Suku-Fesu(School Idol Festival) of LoveLive! And of course, Moa must play it with no charging. And finally, I got Rank100 without charging. I had been playing it steadily for about one and a half year (I assume so because I have a 'Kotori-shiki Snowman'). To commemorate my reaching Rank100, I used diligently saved 55 Love Gems and drew 11 new cards! ANd the result was....I got SR Umi-chan (close-together pose), newly coming UR Rin-chan(snowboard lesson), AAAANNNNDDDD!!!! UR Rin-chan (twinkle star). When I had made 11 draws before, I got UR Kotori-chan (Angel voice!! I awoke her) and UR Niko-nii (little devil). Even without charging, my devotion made a great success......Heaven helps those who help themselves!! ....Nothing you can understand? You have my sincere apology.

A happiness in a severe situation.....make me more happy!