2014.12.22 - Yui Diary, talk Sakura Gakuin last show of 2014

Yui Mizuno posted a new diary post about the last Sakura Gakuin Show (read more here) on "Celebration In December". She talks about the shuffle unites, the setlist and gives a hint of the future activities of Sakura Gakuin. Read the full post translated by Onji Kobe

Yui Mizuno about the Sakura Gakuin "Celebration In December" show 

"Hello, it's Yui.

We've finished the last concert in year 2014!!

Thank you very much for coming to see us, and supporting us from a distance. 

This time, I would like to write my impression of the concert before introducing its setlist.

Then, first of all, about shuffle units...

What a pleasure! Yui's long-cherished dream of playing Newspaper Club was fulfilled

Having been said by a teacher that the one-night Newspaper Club would be played by Yui and Rinon, I heartily felt pleased.

I had been hoping to try it once, but never thought it would come true... Our Newspaper Club is no longer a 'self-appointed'!? Next, we aim at making it from 'one-night' to 'The official 2nd Newspaper Club'!! lol

And the Tennis Club! It was fun to give color-balls to Fukei-sans at the beginning of the song. We four members pursued to look 'fresh, mint tennis player girls'. Did we made it? Matching the faces of rackets was more difficult than matching the angles of batons. It was tough...and I hope to do it again. 

It was the last concert in this year and we all had been in high spirits. It was sooooo fun and became a good memory for us. We could have 4th anniversary of Sakura Gakuin because of the hard-work of the graduates, because of the good-advice and setting of the teachers, and because of your continuous kind support, Fukei-sans.

Forever and ever, we will never forget our first resolution. We will never forget we 19 members have made one Sakura Gakuin.

We will do our best to show you very 2014 Nendo-like something new. I appreciate your continued support!

2014 Nendo Sakura Gakuin is still growing up now. You ain't seen nothing yet!"