BABYMETAL one of the Best Live Acts of 2014 for Gigwise

The music site Gigwise did a list of the best live acts of this year, and BABYMETAL is part of the best live acts in the position number 12. Below the full list and the description about their live act. 

BABYMETAL one of the Best Live Acts according to Gigwise

BABYMETAL once again was highlighted by important music sites from Western, this time Gigwise. This time is not about their album, is about their live act and we all know how incredible are their live acts. Below the full list by Gigwise and their description about BABYMETAL

"No metal band has made quite the same impression as Babymetal in living memory. Forming as teenage schoolgirls, the Japanese trio were introduced to the world of hard rock, mixing it with Japanese idol culture to add a menacing, unsettling edge to an otherwise sickly sweet and manufactured world.

Famed for their striking image and synapse-melting live shows, Babymetal have found fans in lovers of heavy metal, J-pop and anime, with everyone from Metallica and Slayer to Lady Gaga pledging their allegiance. With this, they aim to begin a new genre of metal and they more than succeed - and all without falling into the trap of becoming a novelty act. "

Best Live Acts of 2014 by Gigwise: 

20. Beck

19. Massive Attack

18. Chvrches

17. First Aid Kit

16. Kurupt FM

15. Metronomy

14. Action Bronson

13. SOHN


11. Queens Of The Stone Age

10. Arcade Fire

09. Interpol

08. The National

07. The War On Drugs

06. Run The Jewels

05. Evian Christ

04. Manic Street Preachers

03. St Vincent

02. Future Islands

01. Kate Bush