2014.12.07 - Sakura Gakuin "Celebration In December" report

The 4th Annivesary Concert of Sakura Gakuin took place at the Kanagawa Arts Theatre in Yokohama, with a great setlist and a couple of great surprises related with BABYMETAL! Read the report with Setlist below. 

Aiko & Megumi performing Onedari Daisakusen + Message from Suzuka Nakamoto

The Sakura Gakuin 2014 Celebration In December event took place at Kaat in Yokohama with Sold Out tickets. Started at 18:00 and was produced by Yui Mizuno. The special event had Shuffle Club Units with Yui and Rinon performing Brand New Day by Scoopers, Yunano, Shirai Saki, & Ooga Saki performing Sleepiece, Moa, Yui, Rinon & Aiki performing Pastel Wind, Hana, Yunano & Sara performing Logica?, Aiko and Megumi performing Black Babymetal. 

On the Encore before the last song a video with a message from Suzuka Nakamoto appeared on the screen. 



01-School Days

02-Hello! Ivy

MC: Members Introductions

03-Brand New Day from Scoopers by Yui & Rinon 

04-Suimin Fusoku from Sleepiece by Yunano, Shirai Saki & Ooga Saki

05-Yosouijou No Smash from Tennis Club by Yui, Moa, Rinon & Aiko

06-Science Girl, Silence Boy from Logica? by Hana, Yunano & Sara

07-Onedari Daisakusen from BABYMETAL "Black Babymetal" by Aiko & Megumi 

08-Motteke Serafuki

MC: Inside stories of the Shuffle Club Units

09-Mezase Super Lady

10-Hana x Hana

11-Animal Rhythm

12-Sleep Wonder

13-Haato No Hoshi


MC: Introducing New Items by School Store

14-Mikansei Silhouette

MC: Video message by Suzuka Nakamoto

15-Yume Ni Mukatte


Message from Suzuka Nakamoto to fans and Sakura Gakuin members according to Entamenext: 

"What i learned in Sakura Gakuin is not to be alone. Has been also the recieved support from fans to members. Sakura Gakuin is an important alma mater for me."  (Raw translation).