2014.12.05 - New Diary by Yui Mizuno: "A stage with Ayami-Chan"

New diary post by Yui Mizuno on Sakura Gakuin to talk about her "100th Diary" with her 100 photos and the performance of Sakura Gakuin and Ayami Muto at the Tower Records 35 Anniversary (more details here) held in November. Read the full diary below with the translation of Onji Kobe


Yui Mizuno New Diary Post for Sakura Gakuin 

"Hello. It's Yui.

How do you feel about my 100th special diary?

Yui wondered seriously how I would write 100th diary, and felt it should be associated with number "100". 100 photos of Yui... They were a little creepy, weren't they? My birthday, Sports-day, Graduation ceremony, Riding-horse, Watching soccer, in kimono, in dress, Fashion-show, dearest-Mickey and beloved tomatoes (←it's a birthday-present from Aiko. Thanks). Dance recital, acting as a model, Sakura activity, Minipati, FSB(Funky Sakura Babies), Inoki-san...lol

The photo in which Yui has a cake was taken a few months ago. There was an special article featuring Moa and Yui on Monthly Entame. We were asked to prepare something for shooting which we made by ourselves and Yui made the cake. How does it look? It looks good, isn't it!? In the article, we answered 100 questions. It was fun to answer several questions.

Well, How was "Tower Records 35th Anniversary Live! Ebisu 6days, Day-4 〜Pop'n Idol 03〜"? Thank you for coming to see us, and for supporting us from somewhere apart Though it was a weekday, There was many Fukei-sans coming Yui was so pleased to see you.

We handed a baton with our hearts to Ayami-chan. And we were watching Ayami-chan's show from the side of the stage Ayami-chan was radiant brilliantly. Yui came to adore Ayami-chan more and more. Yui will do my very best like Ayami-chan Yui hope to share a stage with Ayami-chan again."