2014.11.28 - "It was so fun!" Moa New Diary Post

Moa wrote another diary post for Sakura Gakuin. This time she is sharing her feelings and thoughts about the Tower Records 35th Anniversary Pop'n Idol 03 (more info here). She talks about the Sakura Gakuin debate about if they whether participate or not on the event, her feelings about watching the Ayami Muto performance and meeting C-ute member Airi Suzuki. Post translated by Onji Kobe

Moa Kikuchi: "Moa adore Airi-chan as a goddess"

"Good mornooning  It's Moa. 

We had participated in "Tower Record 35th anniversary Pop'n Idol 03"!! Thank you for that.

In fact, there was a story when we received a proposal to attend the event. Our teachers gave us a harsh opinion -- other guests are Japanese top Idols and their performance in singing and dancing are very best. Is it possible Sakura Gakuin now share the stage and make it good one? And the teachers said to Moa -- as the president of student council, what do you think about the proposal? Consult other members and decide whether we accept the proposal or not.

Up to the day, Moa had thought we should accept any offer. Moa wanted to join as much event as possible. But this event was not a festival, but a joint concert. If we can't show as good performance as other Idols, it's a shame and we shouldn't join the event...Fukei-sans are so generous and maybe tolerate anything, but we shouldn't be too dependent on the generousity..."

"Moa consulted every one of members, whether we shoud join or not, and if we join, what would she do. Moa thought, if each member had known her problem in performance and had have a strong will to overcome, Sakura would be able to show as good performance as other Idols -- although Sakura at that time couldn't.

And Moa could be sure that every members would try their very hardest to overcome their problem. Moa could imagine -- a few months later Sakura would play far better performance than Sakura at that time. Moa could imagine the performance of us on the stage of Pop'n Idol 03 -- each member having made great improvement and having united far tightly.

Therefore, Moa decided to join the event.

How was our performance? If you could find each member's improvement, could find better Sakura, it is my pleasure 

And if we could have shown Sakura's charm -- very Sakura-like, in a way no other Idols can show -- to the people who saw Sakura for the first time, it is my joy!! And Moa swear to keep growing up along with every members.

Well, the story as the President Moa now over., from now on, the story as personal Moa begins. Are you OKay? lol

My dearest Ayami-chan!! Since a few days before the event, Moa sent e-mails "We can share the stage!" and had been excited. I hoped to give a big-hug to Ayami-chan but we were too busy to do that on the day. I feel sorry for it. Moa watched Ayami-chan's stage from the side of the stage and just kept smiling...Moa wished the time never end!!

Dorothy-san's performance was awesome as Moa expected. Dorothy-san was very polite even to us juniors and Moa liked them more and more  ♪Sukiyo! Oremo!! lol" 【Sukiyo=I love you. Oremo=I(male) love you too. It's from Dorothy Little Happy's "Demo Sayonara"】.

"Aaaaand!! ℃-ute-san. Scream! scream! scream!

Moa couldn't do something else. Just scream!!

Moa have been a huge fan of ℃-ute-san since when Moa fell in love at Idol-Street event on April, 2012. Each member has her character and so cute!! Singing and dancing are very powerful and so cool!! Moa loves all of them. 

Especially among them, Moa adore Airi-chan as a goddess. Moa couldn't even look at her at first. Gradually Moa came to be able to see her, but still felt embarassing to see her in public. At the shooting of group photos, Airi-chan came to the side of Moa and Moa was dying!!! After that, Airi-chan kindly talked to Moa and....Moa panicked and was talking something incomprehensible. I'm sorry.

Moa will practice with the Airi-chan's photo to talk properly next time. lol

Moa surely enjoyed the Pop'n Idol more than anyone else. Moa was satisfied.

Thank you very very much, Tower Record-san, Idol-sans, and everyone!!"