5 Minutes With Su-Metal on Kerrang Magazine + Brixton Review

The new issue of the Kerrang Magazine once again has new information about BABYMETAL. They did a review of the Brixton Academy Show past November 8 and also did a short but interesting interview with Suzuka Nakamoto called: "5 Minutes With Su-Metal". Read the interview and watch the scans below courtesy of The Thrawn. 


Su-Metal on Kerrang: "We'd like to perform in the sky" 

What were you most excited about before playing tonight?

"We were looking forward to seeing all the fans come out! Brixton is twice the sice of The Forum - It's 5.000 people! We have a lot of fans in the UK - we know this because on Twitter a lot of our hits and tweets are from people in the UK. When we started out, we didn't think we'd be able to leave Japan, but now being here it's a dream come true."

Do you have a routine you do to get pumped before you go on?

"We do something that i think a lot of Japanese bands do, which is come together and channel all our power and scream something. It's a little offering to the Fox God."

What would be your dream  show to play?

"We'd like to perform in the sky. We'd want to come down in a portal from the sky. We'd play with Iron Maiden and Metallica. We met Kirk (Hammett) from Metallica this year and he remember us!"