Mille Petrozza of KREATOR on BABYMETAL: "Maybe I could not enjoy it, but if people are enjoying it, why not?"

Vocalist and guitarist Mille Petrozza of the Thrash Metal band KREATOR was interviewed on The Age Of Metal, in a segment of the interview he was asked about those bands who mix Pop and Metal. Petrozza shares his thoughts about this genre and specially about BABYMETAL. Check the segment of the interview and transcription below. 


Leader of KREATOR Mille Petrozza talks about BABYMETAL on The Age Of Metal

The Age Of Metal asked about BABYMETALMille said: "I'm not the one to judge, man. It's not for me; I'm not their target. My opinion? If I listen to metal, I will listen to the 'real' metal. I like some of the gimmick metal stuff. But on the other hand, I think if I really want to listen to music, it's gotta be serious music. I don't like 'fun' music so much. I checked out BABYMETAL, who seems to be the enemy for some people. Like, 'Oh, how can you do this?' I'm, like, 'It's a big party. Everybody's going wild.' Maybe I could not enjoy it as much as the people that were there, but if people are enjoying it, why not? It's not harmful to any of us, to the 'real' metal bands. It won't hurt us. BABYMETAL will not hurt KREATOR and all the bands that are around that play 'real' metal. So don't worry; it's all fine." (Laughs)


Mille also speak about bands like BABYMETAL: "I'm a big fan of pop music, so if I wanna listen to pop, I listen to pop music, and not 'pop metal.' That doesn't make too much sense. Even though some people say that if you listen to 'British Steel' by Judas Priest, that's also pop metal, but I guess that's in a cooler way, you know. I think there's a couple of bands that are just… Like I said, it's all fine, but it's just not my cup of tea."


Segment of the interview below. 



Interview by: The Age Of Metal (Segment in the original interview starts at 06:45)


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