2014.11.25 - "Aiko & Megu", Moa New Diary Post

New diary post by Moa, this time about the lovely members of Sakura Gakuin, Aiko Yamaide and Megumi Okada. Moa first talk about a little bit of their concerts in New York and London with BABYMETAL and then start about Aiko and Megumi. Translation courtesy of Onji Kobe. 

Moa: "Fukei-sans, Please cherish Aiko and Megu's growth with Moa!"

"Good mornooning It's Moa.

We came back safely to Japan finishing New York and London concerts!!

This time again, Moa could have wonderful times. I'm very thankful for everything

While we went to extracurricullar activity, there were a three-day weekend in Japan. And unusually, there were no Sakura activity in the weekend. So, Sakura members could have time to do something they wanted, or could have rest. Good for them! Moa feels we need some me-time -- playing with friends, doing hobbies, studying and doing nothing but rest -- to improve ourselves!!

THEREFORE...Please give us some holidays again. lol

Well, this time Moa write about Aiko & Megu!!

Like MoaYui in Sakura Gakuin, or Yuimetal & Moametal in BABYMETAL, Aiko and Megu sometimes are grouped into one pair.

Moa and Yui joined Sakura at the same time and are the same age. So, we have been looked as a pair or have been compared our differences so often. Moa sometimes wondered why so many people didn't look Moa as a single person. Moa hated to be regarded as a pair when Moa was 1st grade in middle school and said by teachers and a make-up artist to be "chuunibyou". lol"

【Chuunibyou (中二病), or “Middle-school 2nd Year Syndrome”, is a colloquial and rather derisive term in Japan which describes a person at the age of fourteen would either act like a know-it-all adult, or thinks they have special powers no one else has. Some would even go as far as being obnoxious, arrogant, and often look down on adults or older people. This way of thinking or acting is mostly seen in teenagers during adolescence, however there are people who still act like this even after reaching adulthood.

Chuunibyou uses the word “病” for “syndrome” or “disease” but it does not actually relate to any medical condition or mental disorder. It can also be written as 厨二病 in Japanese, where “厨” means “-fag” in net slang. In English it is often abbreviated as chuu2. (-- from pixiv dictionary)】

"Aiko and Megu are not in the state of chuunibyou yet. They make a lot of noise and have many quarrels -- how vigorous and boisterous they are!

Moa also had been said by elder members "Moa is so vigourous♪" or "Moa, you are really free spirit♫". But, Moa feel they have more energy than Moa had in those days!! Both Aiko and Megu are smart. They are good in study in school. And , if you look at them one by one, their personalities are different. Aiko is straightforward, and is like a cute puppy Megu is generous and easygoing.

But, when they are together, Moa feels they are similar in many characters. It's mysterious!!

Aiko joined Sakura one year earlier than Megu. And Aiko 'put on a senpai-air' to Megu【means Aiko act like a senpai--like a boss】. Aiko put on a senpai-air even to Sara --Sara is a year older than Aiko! lol Aiko is very willing to teach something to kouhais(=juniors, in this context, members who joined Sakura later). It's fun to see 'Teacher Aiko' make a mistake or, try to teach but Aiko herself can't do it."

"Most of Sakura girls have similar experiences (try to teach and fail. or vice versa) and seeing such Aiko make us smile. Aiko is faithful. Aiko comes all the way from Kagoshima and it must be very tough, but she is always positive and cheerful. And Moa love Aiko sing!! I'm really looking forward to seeing Aiko's improvement♫


Megu changes completely on the stage!! Megu can sense what is expected from her and can respond quickly.

The other day, Megu sent Moa an E-mail. It said "Moa-chan, do you have anything you can't do well and don't know what to do?" When Moa was in elementary school, there was nothing which bother me as for the Sakura works. Moa had been acting as Moa liked, wondering nothing, just enjoying the works. But Megu is already thinking more than just enjoying herself!! Megu is thinkng how to send our love to Fukei-sans In the E-mail, Megu also said, "Megu is likely to be too greedy on the stage...How can I act more naturally"


...OMG, Megu is extraoridinary!! Moa respect Megu who can think over and can point out her problem by herself

Moa replied to the E-mail "While Megu is in elementary school, you can enjoy yourself freely! But Megu is thinking how to improve yourself. Well done Megu" Megu is full of spirit to entertain people and try to do very best on the stage. How adorable Megu is!

On open school events the other day, in which Aiko and Megu were separated to other class. And Aiko said "Without Megu, I feel something is missing..." Soooo cute Aiko is!! They are a pair after all!!


♪The two of us have the faces of rivals and close friends♪

Aiko and Megu...they are in really good relations, Moa think

Maybe, they will grow up bigger than MoaYui. (or already they are?)

Now, Moa think of the name of the (would be)unit!


Aiko愛子 and Megumi愛 make "Love×2" 【愛 means Love】

Call them "LoveLove" Doesn't it sound good? (self-praise)

Or..."Megu ri Ai" 【Meguriai means 'meeting with long-separated beloved one' or 'meeting with the one having been seeking' 】

Ah...this sounds like enka. lol 【enka is a Japanese traditional love-ballads】

Fukei-sans, Please cherish Aiko and Megu's growth with Moa."