Report: BABYMETAL Budo Can pays tribute Metallica's Metalli Can?

The next BABYMETAL's release will be on January 7, the "Live At Budokan" with five different releases, the Regular Live CD, the Limited Edition Live CD, the DVD "Red Night + Black Night", the Bluray "Red Night + Black Night" and the Limited Edition DVD/Bluray "Red Night + Black"+ Black Night CD + more items inside the "Budo Can". Now the question is, BABYMETAL pays tribute one more time to the "Metal Master", Metallica?. More information below. 

BABYMETAL pays tribute to the "Metal Master", Metallica? 

St. Anger's "Metalli Can" was released back in 2003, 11 years ago. But wasn't the first "Can" of the "Metal Master". Metallica released several Fan Can back in the days for the Black Album for example and several others reaching more than 6 Box Sets for their fan club. 

But something very interesting came to mind days ago when BABYMETAL announced the "Live At Budokan", as fans of Metallica too, the first thing we thought was "Metalli Can" considering the similarty with "Budo Can", the name is very similar and of course was the release of St. Anger. Remember also that BABYMETAL did a tribute to St. Anger editing the cover with a Kitsune Sign for the overdures on Shows and also the World Tour and Summer Sonic t-shirts called "The Big Fox". 


The BABYMETAL "Live at Budokan" "Budo Can" contains the Black Night Live CD and a DVD or Bluray of"Red Night & Black Night" plus more items like Keychains. This one will be only available for "The One" members (Official Fan Club of BABYMETAL) and can be buyed on Asmart (Details here). 

In the other hand we have the Metallica's "Metalli Can", a St. Anger CD/DVD 2003 Japanese exclusive strictly limited edition (Also CD/DVD as "Budo Can" and aso a strictly limited editon). The item can be found on re-sellers stores or for example eBay, click here for details. 

BABYMETAL is paying tribute to the "Metal Master" once again? Is just a coincidence? Let us know what you think in the comments!