Metal Hammer interview with BABYMETAL in 3 minutes

Awesome interview with the BABYMETAL girls in London. The girls talk about the best moments of this year, their favourite "chokoretto", how was recording "Gimme Chocolate", and what they have in store for Su-Metal Seitansai next December 20. Watch the video interview below. 


BABYMETAL talk Sonisphere, Chocolate, and Su-Metal Seitansai

BABYMETAL was interviewed by Metal Hammer in London while they visited the country to perform at Brixton Acameny. They share their impressions about their debut at Sonisphere Festival in July which was the first Rock/Metal Festival outside Japan for them. Also they talk about Gimme Chocolate making process, their favorite chocolates and the past Su-Metal Seitansai in 2013 and what they have in store for the future. 


Watch the full interview below courtesy of Metal Hammer.