BABYMETAL Newswire joins the Metal Resistance Episode 3

We are incredibly happy to announce that our project called "BABYMETAL Newswire" which started a month ago, it's releasing the official website. Below the details. Oh and sorry if you find some spelling errors but we are not native english speakers. 

BABYMETAL Newswire Official Website

We are announcing the official Website for BABYMETAL Newswire, our project will be focused on BABYMETAL news, and not only news. We will be covering too old infomation, old interviews to bring to you the best news archive to know the thoughts of the girls and the rest of the band since the early days until now. Also a huge and updatable biography in english and spanish (if you want to translate the biography into different languages CONTACT US), probably the biggest listing of tour dates of BABYMETAL in a fan site with information of every BABYMETAL show to date, Media section, Lyrics section and more! 

BABYMETAL Newswire sections:

Archive: Here you will find all the news sent to archive but no only that, will find  the oldest news since the early days. Also the most important news related with Sakura Gakuin because this is not only about BABYMETAL, Moa and Yui are part of SG and we will support them at least until their graduation. 

Biography: Probably the most interesting section, we wrote a long biography of BABYMETAL since 2007 until now updating everyday with the lastest information of the band, so, if you like a live and updatable biography here (click here) is your place. Dates, events, names, numbers and more can be found there. 

Media: The section needs to be updated even more, but we are uploading pictures of Promo Photos, Interview Photos, Live Photos and Live Audios. We are trying to upload the pictures with the exact date of the event or interview, and also uploading the best (not all) live photos of the band with the date and some information about the show. About the Live Audios we are uploading some shows, all fan recordings or pro-shots unreleased by the band converted to audio. Why not video? Because of copyrights, audios are not very important for companies. Click here for more. 


Tour Dates: (Don't read just click here) We did probably the largest listing of Tour Dates for BABYMETAL, months of research and updates. You will find the date, the event, the place, the support band (Backtrack, Babybone, Kitsune Band or Kami Band) and the details with the Setlist and more. We want to thank one of the Kami Band members and his brother for the help on those updates and information, sadly we can't mention publically their names. But thank you. 

Lyrics: Inevitable section on every BABYMETAL fan site, we posted the lyrics of every song released to date. Romaji and englis lyrics some of them taken from the great Du-Enki's blog. The One is included yes! So go HERE to read the lyrics.

Discography: Another inevitable section, we wanted to do something different, in place of only sharing the cover, the name and tracklist (that can be found on Wikipedia) we decided to track the release date and where you can buy it, because after all this is about music, and music it's an industry and we need to help the band to keep growing so "Where to buy" was made with the idea to help you to know where you can buy the items online from Japanese online stores like Asmart or CDJapan. Every sale helps so, don't buy on eBay ok? Help the girls! Click here to go to the Discography section and learn about more about the releases of BABYMETAL sorted by, Album,s Singles and Live DVD/Bluray.  

We really hope you guys like our work, and enjoy the journey with us. Would be great if you guys help us sharing the website, and the posts when we publish to keep growing and reaching more and more fans, not for sake of being bigger, because of the sake of inform fans because the BABYMETAL fandom is full of memes and gifs, and "likes" lovers but there are just a few of people interested in show how great this band is, how interesting are their shows and their interviews are, but we are here to do the hard work, and being called "they are boring". 

Thanks to the Facebook Group members, Facebook Fan Page followers, Twitter followers, Google+ followers and Instagram followers for helping us to grow so fast in just one month! 

But we still being little like Moa-Chan, anyway, we love being little like her! We have some interesting things in store to release and share with you in the future but "only Fox God knows". Until then, see you in the next posts!