Tokyo Pop Line about new BABYMETAL song "The One"

Tokyo Pop Line talks about BABYMETAL and their new song called "The One" (Lyrics here). As we published earlier thanks to, the new song has the studio collaboration of Sam Totman and Herman Li from Dragonforce. 


BABYMETAL performs a new song in front of 5,000 fans at their London performance

Babymetal performed their final show of their oversea's additional leg of their tour <Babymetal back to the USA/UK Tour 2014> on November 8th at London's O2 Brixton Academy, which included the unveiling of a new song put on in front of 5,000 fans.

Their solo performance at The Forum London in July of 2014 was sold out almost immediately and this coupled with the overwhelming success of the show a second London performance was added to their World Tour. This second show was performed following on the heels of a live performance on the 4th of November at New Yourk's Hemmerstain Ballroom both additional shows added to the World Tour and titled, <Babymetal back to the USA/UK Tour 2014>. This London performance which served as the wrap up show for the World Tour sold out mirroring its predecessor. Wearing a variety of Rock Metal T-shirts, 5,000 fans gathered for the show, some lining up from early in the morning. 


As the now familiar opening song, “Babymetal Death” started up in the able hands of the crowd rousing Kami band, the 3 girl members made their way down from the centrally located raised stage amidst a totally heated up audience. From there the band played “iine!” and “Uki Uki Midnight” in a confident manner that screamed that day's performance would bubble over with excitement. Next came “Akumu no Rhondo” and then the London audience superbly inserted “Yon!”, “Yon!” and sung along with the Japanese lyrics of “4 no Uta”. The atmosphere of the audience was further enhanced by the skilled “God-like” techniques of the Kami band in their solo section. Following this they continued with “Megitsune”, “Doki Doki Morning” and “Gimme Choco!” and then as the intro began for IDZ one could feel that the audience had been waiting in earnest for a long time, the most gigantic Wall of Death on London soil swirled into creation and with this song the Main menu came to a close. 


The encore began with calls of “We want more!” and “Babymetal!”, which was followed up by a performance of “Headbangya!”. With Su-metal banging a brass gong and then collapsing to the stage floor the conclusion of Chapter 2 of the Metal Resistance which began on foreign soil came to a close. 


With that the initial chapter of the 3rd wave of Metal Resistance began with a streaming movie which continued on to the first performance of a new song raising the curtain to a new chapter in the Babymetal Legend. 


The new song was performed with Dragon Force guitarists Sam Totman and Herman Li and is the most speedy and melodic metal tune in Babymetal history, and even though it was the first time to be performed in front of an audience the “sing along” part seamlessly included the 5,000 English fans signifying that this new song will be a clear representation of the next step in the progression of Babymetal which has increased in power with this World tour. 


The opening act of the 3rd chapter in the Metal Resistance in Japan will be the “Babymetal Legend 2015 New Spring Kitsune festival” to be held at the Saitama Super Arena on January 10th, 2015. 



NOTE: The song was played by the BABYMETAL guitarists Leda Cygnus and Takayoshi Ohmura not by the Dragonforce guitarist as the original post say. 


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