2014.10.11 - Moa's diary: "Do you mind if I brag a bit!?"

New diary entry by Moa Kikuchi on Sakura Gakuin. Moa talks about her good results at some tests in the past. Aside she is not having a good time in her latests test she wantes to brag a bit about her good marks. Full diary translated below. 


Moa's diary about Assessments tests

Good mornooning. It's Moa.

I was so happy that we could offer 'Happy Birthday Surprise' to C-tan together with Fukei-sans at the concert on September 27th. We members (of course, except C-tan) had taken meetings and preparations for the Surprise, so I was very pleased to see C-tan really looked happy. Thank you for your coorperation, Fukei-sans!! 


I wanna try another Happy Birthday Surprise for someone, some time! If only there will be a someone's birthday and a concert at the same day...will it happen to be??


At the concert, Yunano the Talk Chairperson gave us a talk-theme 'Your school subject which you're good at, and bad at'. Some of the members bragged about their good score in a test. Moa didn't brag at the time, so I wanna make a bragging now. Even if you say you won't hear such things, I would go on (Laughs). 


When Moa was the first grader, I got fairly good marks (Three 5/5s, four 4/5s). I boasted of it at a radio program, so many of Fukei-sans knew it. My school records got worse gradually since then, and in most of the subjects, I now get 'average' to 'slightly better than average' record. They are not too good nor too bad, and not worth mentioning. 


But! But! But!! Do you know 'The National Assessment Tests'? All of the Japanese 9th graders (3rd grader in middle school) took the tests on the same day! It's meant to research the general academic ability of Japanese students for the government.


And, I got 30/32. marks (National average 24.5/32) at the 'Japanese language A' (General knowledge on Japanese, such as vocabulary or grammer) and got 8/9 marks (National average 4.6/9) at the 'Japanese language B' (Ability to understand complicated, long writings)  As a Japanese girl, I'm proud of my Japanese language ability and want to improve myself further in order to properly express my feelings and mind!!


One thing Moa can teach to kouhais. 'It's tough to keep a balance between work and study. But where there is a will, there is a way'. I hope my message reach kouhais.



Translation by: Onji Kobe

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