2014.10.04 - Yui's diary, Sakura Gakuin live Setlist and Twinklestars return

Yui Mizuno wrote a diary blog about the Sakura Gakuin performance on September 27 of 2014, which also helped to celebrate the birthday of Shirai Saki. Yui Mizuno wrote a very detaild diary about the Setlist of the event and why she selected each song. Read her diary translated below. 

Yui Mizuno about September 27 Setlist, Twinklestars and ShiraSaki's Birthday 

Hello! This is Yui.

Thank you very much for coming to our concert on September 27th! And also thank you who couldn't come for sending power to us! This time, I will introduce to you the setlist of the concert.


01. Pro Wrestling Fan Club (Hana & Rinon) - 

No! Nobody imagined this Professional Wrestling Fan Club, do you? You must look carefully at the expressions of Hana and Rinon. They perform with expressions that you can never see in an usual Sakura song. Amazing! I hope they perform again.

02. Baton Club (Moa, Yunano, Aiko, Sara and Yui) - 

From 'great' to 'brilliantly cute', I think we can show you both extreames of Sakura Gakuin. The one night Baton Club performed 'Dear Mr. Socrates' (on March 29, 2013), but this time, we played 'Rapikamu' (Lupycome) for the first time since the Twinklestars days. 

03. Purchasing Club (Yunano & ShiraSaki) - 

Now we have a new song for the Purchasing Club, which they had been only having sales talks as MC.

Lyric of the song include actual words of a Fukei-San said to our sales staff. 

Photo by Natalie.mu (Not included on Yui's diary)
Photo by Natalie.mu (Not included on Yui's diary)

-The Autumn Test-

04. Hello! IVY - 

I hope the Fukei-Sans who couldn't get Fast-Pass as well as who could got one can get nuts! And I choose the song we use flags.

05. Heart No Hoshi - 

We played the new song for the first time! We use pompons in the choreography. We use gadgets besides flags for the first time (except Club songs). How was the song?

06. Chime - 

It's unusual to end the concert with this song right? I said "there are only three songs we the ten members can perform this time. Let's concentrate to show our very best"

-Night show - 

01. Verishuvi - 

I feel that the opening song must be an energetic one! Also, with this song, I think each members can show her charm which has found this summer. 

02. Ganbare!! - 

Last year, we performed this song for the first time at the autumn test! So I want to show you the 2014 version of the song.

03. Fly Away - 

04. School Days - 

Yui loves these song very much. Your hands claping and call outs make me feel the unity with Fukei-Sans. Also I love the lyrics on them with very Sakura like, life feelings.

05. I.J.I - 

I needed to change the atmosphere! From Fly Away, fast transition of up beat songs is really tough (and the choreo of I.J.I is very difficult) for us. But I just wanted to show you the 'cool Sakura'.

06. Animarhythm -

From I.J.I to Animarhythm. They are different. Very! But the difference makes their charms clearer I think, we performed this song for the first time with ten members.

07. Heart No Hoshi - 

I'm so glad to show you our new song. It's a summary of Sakura Gakuin this year. You enjoyed our two new songs?

Photo by Natalie.mu (Not included on Yui's diary)
Photo by Natalie.mu (Not included on Yui's diary)

08. Jump up "Chiisana Yuuki"

In a short MC, I said 'I think we had many things this summer... can show you a more powerful 'Jump Up' this time than we played at the transfer ceremony. Could we show you?

09. Purchasing Club - 

From the middle of the song, the eight members outside the 'Koubaibu' (Purchasing Club) broke in the stage. It's very first time to join a Club song!! It was fun. I hope to do it again.

10. Marshmallow Iro No Kimi To - 

Our next concert will be The Festival. The Festival is one of the most important events since the first generation of Sakura.

I think this song can make the continuous feeling of the The Festival.

11. Surprise for C-chan! Friends - 

C-chan's birthday was September 28th and we performed Friends with nine members except C-chan as a special birthday present for C-chan. Letting her back to be Fukei-San. I'm so glad she liked it. Once again, happy birthday dear gentile and honest C-chan.

This time, I made the setlist with many exciting songs... How did you feel it?? Please tell me your impressions.

I enjoyed the concert very much after a long time. And we found some problems to solve, so I hope in The Festival, we the ten members can joining our hearts together and can show you a better Sakura Gakuin.

Oh, by the way, we will be able to meet Fukei-Sans at the Open Classes before The Festival.

The next Open Class is 'The Study of Haiku'... How will it be...

- Yui.

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka.

Special thanks to: Yoshio Nomura

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