2014.09.16 - Yui's diary: "The summer in 2014"

Yui Mizuno diary on Sakura Gakuin about the Sakura Gakuin activities in September, JAM and the setlist performed. Yui as Produce Chairperson explain why she selected the songs to play at JAM. Read the full diary translated below. 


Yui's diary about Summer 2014 activities and JAM Setlist

Hello. It's Yui.

Fukei-sans, thank you for your coming to see us at @JAM. And thank you for your supporting us from a distance.

It's been a long while to perform on a stage together with 10 of us, the first time since the transfer in ceremony on May 5th.


For Sakura Gakuin, and for Yui, 'A summer' is the season in which all members gather everyday, have a lot of lessons and events, experience many things and improve ourselves a lot.


But, in this summer, because of HGS activities of Hana & Yunano, and BABYMETAL activities of Moa & Yui, we could rarely get together. So, I felt uneasy whether we can show our improvement from the transfer-in ceremony, whether we can show good performances as a group of one mind... how did you feel?

I had been so nervous but as soon I saw a lot of Fukei-sans waving flags, and I could settle myself.


On the stage, I thought "This is my last summer as a Sakura girl..." and felt like crying. But the thought made me perform more sincerely than usual with all my heart!! This time again, I made the setlist of the concert as the Produce Chairperson-


(1) Yume ni Mukatte

It was the last song at TIF, and I wanted to give a feel of continuation. And I guessed there would be many audience who see us for the first time, and I hoped to let them hear this song♪


(2) Makeruna! Seishun Hizakozou

There are choreos which express coordinated group gymnastics or height-competition. The song just fits Sakura Gakuin.


(3) Hana*Hana

I wanted to show you 'cute Sakura Gakuin'!! We're determined to make the venue into a field of flowers. We got into characters of bees♪ Could you see cute bees flying over a flower garden??


(4) I・J・I

The next comes 'cool Sakura Gakuin'!! Among all Sakura Gakuin songs, this song has the most difficult choreo. Sara and Megu smiled their best in dancing.



There are tons of wonderful messages in the lyrics of Sakura Gakuin songs! I wanted to let you know that, to send you one of the best messages. So, I picked FRIENDS as the last song♪




I picked these five songs, putting such minds into them.

We're planning something new for the concert on Sep 27th, and for the Sakura Gakuin Festival. Please looking forward to them.


P.S. On the day of @JAM, we had Garigarikun popsicle from someone. And, Aiko hit the 'Another bar prize'!! After a few seconds, Yui hit the same prize too. lol


It's amazing to get two wins at once, isn't it.




Translation by: Onji Kobe.

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