Moa Kikuchi & Yui Mizuno Self Biographies before Sakura Gakuin on Gekkan Entame

Gekkan Entame made a special with the Sakura Gakuin and BABYMETAL members Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi. The special interviews were released on August 1, 2014. (More here). As part of the special Yui and Moa did "Self Biographies before Sakura Gakuin" sharing special moments. Read their self biographies translated below. 

Moa and Yui Self Biographies before Sakura Gakuin 

YUI MIZUNO Self Biography before Sakura Gakuin

  • 2 to 3 years old: I went to a Zoo with my family, watched inside something like a pond, and fell into it.
  • 5 years old: I went to Saipan and got lost in the hotel, screamed and i was found. My parents took me to Saipan around my birthdays until I was in 2nd grade
  • 1st grade: I played outside, being an active child.
  • 2nd grade: I started to like drawing, kept drawing with my friends and teachers during recess and also played origami!
  • 3rd grade: I played tag, became active again. I got hooked on Karen Girl’s, repeated their DVDs and Music Videos to copy the choreography. I went to the last live and danced in the place for kids. Met Ayami-chan, Yuika-chan and Suzuka-chan and wished to join Karen Girl’s.
  • 4th grade: I joined Sakura Gakuin lessons, met Moa for the first time, also joined a sewing club in school.
  • 5th grade: Officially joined to Sakura Gakun as a transferred student. Was honor student in the elementary school and finished workbooks early and became a “little teacher” who helped friends to solve questions, also joined a Life Club to help a retirement home every Monday. Belong to a button club in 5th and 6th grade at school as well.



MOA KIKUCHI Self Biography before Sakura Gakuin:

  • Born at July 4th, 1999, my mom said I was small, and the sunset was so beautiful when I was born. For your information, the little Moa in home videos often talks about when I was still in my mom's womb. I still vaguely remember how my mom's womb was like! Isn’t it amazing?
  • 2 to 3 years old: Started to work for magazines.
  • 1st grade: I saw “Kirarin Revolution” on “Chao” Magazine and decided to become an idol, the first CD I bought with my allowance is “Chance!” of Kirarin Revolution!
  • 2 to 3 grade: Was the class representative! Being put forward for it.
  • 2nd grade: My friend asked me to try the Chao Girls audition, so attracted by a prize that I applied for it and passed, had to take lessons in Osaka and Tokyo but kept going, it was fun!
  • 3rd grade: Joined to the Basketball Club just for a year and it was fun. I’m going to have a basketball shooting test in the next physical education class, I’m confident in it. Oh, also won a prize on a collage contest!
  • 4th grade: My grades were at the best around the time! I liked all subjects, got straight double circles (A) except for 2 single circles (B), and met Yui this year.
  • 5th grade: Joined Sakura Gakuin lessons, by the way Rau-chan looked after me first, I was with Nene-don (Sugisaki Nene) and Marina-chan at the Chao Girl audition so we already knew each other. 


Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka. 

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