2014.08.01 - Yui Mizuno vs Moa Kikuchi "Questions Challenge" on Gekkan Entame

Gekkan Entame interviewed and did a special about Sakura Gakuin members Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi, this translation is just a part of the whole content. Yui and Moa were asked to do a challenge of 5 questions about the knowledge of each other. They know a lot about each other, but they also fail! Read the challenge translated below. 

Questions Challenge between Yui and Moa on Gekkan Entame

Yui Mizuno to Moa Kikuchi:

Question 1: What's the hairstyle Yui always use in school? 

Moa: Twin Tail!

Yui: Correct! And another hairstyle? Moa: Hmmm... A bundle? Yui: Correct! Perfect answers!

Question 2: Name one of the three foreign TV Dramas Yui watch weekly? 

Moa: What is this? The title is in English?

Yui: Yep, because it's foreign (laughs)

Moa: Oh! "Victorious"!

Yui: Correct! Also, "i-Carly" and "Sam & Cat"!

Question 3: Who is the actress acting as "Cat" in "Sam & Cat"? 

Moa: Angelina?...

Yui: Eh!? Wrong! (laughs)

Moa: The name has an 'A' right... Ah, Ariana Grande!

Yui: You did it! Correct! I love her!

Question 4: What is the name of Yui's closest friend? 

Moa: (automatic answer) Miyu-chan!

Yui: Correct!

Question 5: What are the topics for Mathematics on the upcoming mid-term test? 

Moa: Probabilities and Factorization.

Yui: There is another topic too, but correct!


Moa Kikuch to Yui Mizuno:

Question 1: What pets Moa have? There are two! 

Yui: Frog! Cicada! Crayfish! Guppy?

Moa: All wrong... The correct answer is clam and moss ball (Marimo).

Yui: Eh!? When did you ever mentioned this? (laughs)

Question 2: During the Annual School Festival, I gave presents to the members. What present did I gave in the 2010 Festival? 

Yui: Strawberry Eco Bag!

Moa: That... that was in the second year...

Yui: Initialed ribbon strap!

Moa: Correct! I'm happy because I was hoping you will remember this.

Question 3: When we went for karaoke together, I sang a song from "Love Live!". Please sing that song! 

Yui: Eh!?...(Yui sings)

Moa: Correct! It's "Aishiteru Banzai!" 

Question 4: Since I talk to you about school a lot, what are the names of my closest friends? 

Yui: Miyu-chan, Ayu-tan, Zakki!

Moa: I talk to you about them a lot, right? Correct!

Question 5: I talked to you about this yesterday! Which celebrity did I accidentally meet during the school trip? 

Yui: Kudo! (Morning Musume).

Moa: Indeed! I met her in front of a shrine, and I shouted "Kudo!". By the way, we didn't talked.

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka.