2014.08.01 - Gekkan Entame interviews Moa Kikuchi 

As part of the Gekkan Entame special about Sakura Gakuin members Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi, the magazine released on August 1st of 2014 also counts with an interview with Moa Kikuchi. Moa talks about the trip with BABYMETAL to New York in May of 2014, her favorites Anime and Manga, School and more. Read the interview translated below. 

Moa Kikuchi about BABYMETAL, School and Anime on Gekkan Entame

Q: As we asked Mizuno-san, you went to New York as Babymetal.

Moa: "We went to Apocalypse? Prometheus!?"

Q: Well… It might possibly to the Metropolitan (a Museum)?

Moa: "Right, that’s it! We also saw a musical in Broadway. (Laughs)"

Q: I heard you also went on a school trip! Would you share us some stories?

Moa: "I met Kudu!! (Morning Musume 14) Probably she also went to Kyoto for a school trip. To be exact, I just saw her. I’m a little regretful for not calling her!"

Q: (Laughs) What are you into now?

Moa: "Not just now though but I’m into Animes all the time. I still love, “Ojamajo Doremi” and “Kirarin Revolution”, which inspired me to become an idol. “Yozakura Shijusou”,”Gin Gitsune”,”Yuruyuri” and “Magi”, I love both boys and girls mangas. I usually watch animes first and then start to read mangas as well. Now my favorite is “Love Live!” I even bought “Love Live! Weafers box” too. (Laughs)"

Q: Are you also interested in voice acting?

Moa: "I would love to try it. As we did it at Sakura Gakuin 3rd Anniversary Live, I would like to work lik M&M (Moa & Marina) like a professional."

Q: The revival of the legendary M&M!? I wanna see that! Do you practice for that?

Moa: "I usually do! But Moa isn’t able to speak smoothly. As my mom always warns me about that, I’m trying to move my mouth bigger when I speak."

Q: Let’s talk about you at the school. What the other students think about you?

Moa: "My friends say, “Moa is not interested in boys at all” and “Eccentric” but I don’t understand that at all! I’m supposed to be an ordinary girl. (Laughs)"

Q: How’s your study going?

Moa: "The exams are coming very soon though, I’m full with homework I haven’t submitted… I haven’t studied for the exam at all but I’m talking with Yui, “Let’s go to a school festival at the school Su-chan attends” after finishing it"."

Q: Lastly, is there any incident that makes you feel “I become an adult” lately?

Moa: "I saw Su-chan and Megu (Okada Megumi) drinking coffee and wanted to try it like them, so I started with coffee and milk. Now I can drink white coffee without sugar… I’m certain to be able to drink black coffee three years later!"

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka