2014.07.24 - Moa's diary: Her accidents and BABYMETAL in Europe 

Moa Kikuchi diary after the BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 in Europe, she talks about each date of the European Leg and her problems with the ear monitor at Sonisphere Festival. Also she talks about the past accidents since she was a little child. Read this very interesting diary translated below. 

Moa about her accidents as child and the BABYMETAL European Tour 2014

This is Moa.

This year was the first time that Moa couldn't spend the birthday with my family.

But instead, I've became 15 years-old in Europe, and I was able to celebrate a special birthday there!

Every time, on the day I go on stage and when I am away from my family traveling overseas, 

Mama always says "Be careful, come back alive no matter what happens!!". 

I feel like she may be exaggerating a little bit… 

But since then a very long time ago, due to good or bad luck Moa has been involved in some accidents, and got hurt for a lot of times (Sweat)

When I was a child I had to be hospitalized because of pneumonia, I fell into the gap between the bed and the wall, and once I got my hand stuck in the gap of an automatic door and caused me a commotion. Even wehn I told this before in a previous diary, I cut off the skin on my second joint of my left index finger with sewing sheer during home economics lesson. During the earthquake, the water from the fish tank in our class splashed on me, and i became gooey.

A ball flying towards Moa and caused me bruises in the schoolyard. Really a lot of things happened. 

So, I can understand why my mama is worried, so taking her kind thoughts to her daughter, I replied "Hm, I will arrive home alive no matter what happens."

The first stop for European Tour was in France! It was Yuimetal Seitansai

The fans were in fire from the beginning!

During the encore, everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Yui cerebrating her birthday. 

Even that it wasn't for me but I was so happy, my tears ran down.

And the next was Germany! 

We did mine, Moametal Seitansai there. 

For Germany, in fact my impression was that there were a lot of metallers.

They are scary, that's what I thought, but actually they are really warm and nice. 

The loud applause at the end of the song, I felt their warmth in my heart!

I was happy!

We left the happy Germany, following the visit to England. 

We went to perform in the famous Sonisphere. I couldn't hear from my ear monitor, it happens here (sweat). 

At first, we were waiting in our stand by positions, calming my mind and waiting to start, but I was listening nothing. 

When I listened carefully I could heard only the sound of the drums right behind me, "E? Oh crap?! The ear monitor is broken?!!" ran through my mind, and I thought to go to backstage to fixed it, but I felt the signs of Su-Metal and Yuimetal moving. I thought "I have no choice and have to move with the sound of the drums faiting that I can listen". Understood what was happening, and somehow was able to react.

Since we couldn't make the soundcheck at a foreign festival, i heard that this kind of stuff happens. 

The staff noticed what was going on with Moa and quickly addressed the issue, and I was solved. 

I was so relived when I listened sound coming in from the ear monitor. "Thank You!"

Until now I have been able to participate in many festivals, and I feel that everything I have learned is very useful. 

And, I will never forget the magnificent views from the Sonisphere stage and many people liking this!!

Lastly, solo live in London! 

I heard there were also many fans giving us support at the Live Viewing in Japan, that was very encouraging! 

Everyone was so hyped during the show, I could felt everyone was enjoying BABYMETAL!

I wanted to responded to that feeling, by showing all by Moametal

But, actually something happened to Moametal in London. 

I stepped with something and and lost my balance. (sweat) 

We didn't know what was going to happen, we had to squeeze us with anything at anytime. 

That is what I keep in mind and learned from during this live!

One year ago after each BABYMETAL live, we were very weary and had to rest for a while. 

Now the three of us are still high spirited when the live finished.

We were so full of energy that we had to be careful to not causing any troubles with Kobametal and the Kami Band members. (Laughs)

Lastly, really thank you for the European Tour! 

And, please pray for me to nothing happens in America.  

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka