2014.08.01 - Gekkan Entame interviews Yui Mizuno 

Interview with Yui Mizuno on Gekkan Entame as part of the special about Sakura Gakuin with Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi. In this interview Yui Mizuno talks about the school, BABYMETAL, Amachan, and how tall she would like to be in the future. Full interview translated below. 

Yui Mizuno about school and BABYMETAL in New York on Gekkan Entame

Q: How do you look like and how do your friends in school describe you?

Yui: "I see myself silly. I asked my closest friend, she said “matured and tennen-san”. (Laughs)"

Q: Is there any new aspect of yourself you realized lately?

Yui: "It’s not recent thought I realized I’m not catching up with trendings but I got hooked by “Frozen”, so it goes smooth now. (Laughs)"

Q: You wrote you’re into “Amachan” on the questionaire.

Yui: "I found it pretty late, I watched “The Amachan Special” at the year end and got into it. I become to love Nounen Rena-chan so much that I own her photobook!"

Q: What characteristics of her attract you?

Yui: "I love her atmosphere. She’s white as an angel and I also love her natural and unaffected presence. That big black eyes and short hair. She’s very cute and expressive on her blog. Yui wants to become like her."

Q: How was New York, you went as Babymetal?

Yui: "I really enjoy it, we could visit the Statue Of The Liberty, a museum and others places. I also found that it’s cool to say “Hello” to passerby each other."

Q: How are your grades going at school?

Yui: I’m often say “You would be an airhead” but my grades are not so bad! I’ll try my best to get straight 5 A's after this!

Q: What’s your favorite subject these days?

Yui: "Mathematics, for now. I’m learning factorization and expansion. I wasn’t good at it before but it’s becoming interesting once I understood."

Q: You are a trendy Rikejo (female science student). How do you spend your dayoffs?

Yui: "I study and do homework first, after that I play with Sakura Gakuin members and others unless I have any other duty."

Q: What do you play?

Yui: "I went to the Disneyland with Moa and 4 graduates of 2013 (Marina, Raura,Nene ,Hinata) the other day. I wish to go with the other 3rd graders (Yunano, Hana) too but we can’t find a chance, hopefully in summer vacation."

Q: Is there anything else you would like to do?

Yui: "I want to go to KidZania because only under Jr. High 3rd grades are allowed to enter! I tried a pilot last time so I want to try my admiring cabin attendant next time."

Q: Sounds like fun! Lastly, how tall would you like to become in the future?

Yui: "I’m 153cm now and my mom is 162cm. so I want to become taller than her. If possible, I would like to talk with Ayaka-chan and Airi-chan (around 171cm) at the same height!"

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka