2013.05.27 - Suzuka Nakamoto Graduation Memorial on BIG ONE GIRLS

Suzuka Nakamoto Graduation Memorial published on BIG ONE GIRLS Nº16 released on May 27 of 2013 to promote the new BABYMETAL Single at that time "Megitsune". Suzuka makes mention to her last event as Sakura Gakuin member, the Graduation Photobook Launch Events at Tower Records Shinjuku and Shosen Book Tower in April of 2013. Read her memorial translated by YMJapan below. 

“Sakura Gakuin Nakamoto Suzuka March 2013 Graduation” Memorial 

On April 1st, to celebrate the release of the photobook “Sakura Gakuin Nakamoto Suzuka 2013 March Graduation”, the talk event was held at Tower Records Shinjuku store with having Mori-sensei as a surprise guest as well as the handing over event at Shosen Book Tower.

She made the last appearance in the Sakura Gakuin school costume in front of the 1,500 fans.


Suzuka: "I’m glad to sort out my feelings through reflecting the dream story of the 3 years in SG in this talk event. I’m happy to hear, “How Su- was like” from Mori-sensei who has looked after me in SG. On the handing over event, I’m glad to realize the fan’s names and faces at last, like “Ah, he has done that for me”. I think I could find and learn new sides of myself during the 3 years in SG. Su- is the type who rushes into what I love, though SG taught me it’s my strong point, so I’d like to keep on finding out what I love and challenging them in my fashion!"