2014.04.20 - "Ama-chan" Diary Post by Yui Mizuno

Past diary post of Yui Mizuno unvealing who was with her in a picture of the past summer. Also talks about the drama Amachan. Diary translated courtesy of Onji Kobe as always. 

Yui about Amachan and who's with her on the following picture

"It's so sudden, but here is a question.....Who is this?

Well, one of them is Yui. I had the photo taken while we were jumping.

Can you see who is the other girl? Now I show the answer.

The answer is.....Moa.

Have you found correct answer? Then, one more question!!


In this photo, which girl is Moa?

Tick tick tick tick..... Now I show the answer.

The answer is.....The girl on the right is Moa. Yui is on the left.

This photo was taken in the last summer. Both Moa and Yui love this photo very much and set it as wallpaper on the cellphone.

This time, I show you a thing on which both Moa and Yui are hooked♪


I had said about it on the Valentine Day concert... It may be too late but Yui has been hooked on 'Amachan' since I watched the omnibus episode of the drama. lol


Nowadays, Moa and Yui are into copying the Idol group in the drama "Shiosai no Memories"【=Memory of the Rising Tide】and so often sing "Shiosai no Memory" together. lol

The other day, we two went to a karaoke place and sang it enthusiastically, with all our hearts. lol We would like to sing "Shiosai no Memory" in front of Fukei-sans some day.

Are there anyone who loves Amachan? Please tell me about your favorite episode of Amachan. lol