BABYMETAL "Girls Of Legend" Photoshoot on B=Pass Magazine issue April 2014

BABYMETAL in order to promote the release of their debut album "BABYMETAL" on February 26 appeared in the new issue of B=Pass Magazine April 2014. Check the scans below. 


BABYMETAL featured on Backstage Pass Magazine April 2014

BABYMETAL appeared in the new issue of B=Pass Magazine (also known as Backstage Pass Magazine) issue April 2014 released on February 27 to promote their debut album "BABYMETAL". Also to promote their upcoming 2Days events at Nippon Budokan "Red Night" (Show report) on March 1 and "Black Night" (Show report) on March 2. The issue features a special photo session with Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal wearing black outfit. 


The issue also includes the band BUMP OF CHICKEN in the cover promoting their new album "RAY". Also features DAIGO, EXHILEATSUSHI, Shunsuke Kiyokiba, Yusuke, DiSH, BABYMETAL, GranRodeo and many more. Check the photo session scans below! 




Publisher: Shinko Music 

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Information by: Hitoshi Sugioka

Scans: Unknown via Hitoshi Sugioka.