2014.02.15 - Moa's Diary: "The 100 facts about Moa Kikuchi"

Moa wrote her diary number 100 and shared her 100 facts about herself. Going from her name, to Anime, music, and Sakura Gakuin. A great post about Moa Kikuchi wrote by Moa Kikuchi with 100 facts about herself. Great post to learn more about Moa.

Moa's diary about herself, 100 facts you need to know about Moa Kikuchi

  1. My name is 菊地最愛 Kikuchi Moa~
  2. Moa favorite saying - Value what we love the most (”最も愛を大切に”), everything, love and being loved, because name given, so foreigner can call me easily
  3. 150.7cm
  4. When admission, weight is 2 Koala,and now is 4 !
  5. Born in Nagoya
  6. The only child
  7. Wish to become Super Moa-Chan
  8. Love Anime
  9. And also love Idol
  10. Punctuality
  11. Weak on cleaning up
  12. Love of cooking
  13. unexpectedly considerate
  14. Tense easily
  15. Recently favourite CD is μ's Best Album Best Live! collection, "アースチャイルド" and "不死鳥" from SEKAI NO OWARI
  16. Until now Moa only interested to female vocal but it;s the first time addicted to Male vocal, that is SEKAI NO OWARI ~
  17. Favourite anime now is Love Live!
  18. Favourite game now is Love Live! School Idol Festival~
  19. Line and Twitter is forbid, is it rare nowaday? Papa and Mama teach to avoid troublesome...
  20. Still sleep with papa and mama. Zzz..
  21. What I really want to eat now is Karaage
  22. The most favourite fruit is strawberry
  23. Very very Like to eat
  24. Dislike food - None (except strange thing)
  25. Lot of luggage
  26. Blood type has become A type, actually I dont know. Once I answered "maybe is A?", unawares it becoming A (haha)
  27. Being called as 'Alien' by grandpa and grandma
  28. Being called as God of Home economics in elementary school
  29. I'm not sure why being called as God of Home economics, once I cut my hand during sewing and blood coming out, being sent to health room, Tohoho~ Not cool at all... (laugh)
  30. Put four stitches for this injury
  31. Actually still went to sakura gakuin activities during recovery from stitches
  32. From the old days, when I go outside for sketching, a ball flying to Moa!
  33. Hit the knee...
  34. Actually heat stroke during last summer
  35. Pocket money is 5000 Yen
  36. Bath in the morning
  37. High amount of hair
  38. But bangs hairline is thin
  39. Love reading
  40. Favourite book now is Risuani (リスアニ)
  41. Want to hug koala at australia
  42. I'd like to donate blood
  43. Never forget things, but often lost things
  44. Especially is umbrella
  45. Poor at Tatami folding
  46. Collecting guitar picks
  47. Wish to have a new guitar~~~~
  48. Because of Mom's work, has been asked and want to become a model since young age
  49. When elementary school, stop model but somehow enter Amuse
  50. The impetus of entering the office is Ciao (Japan Magazine for young girls)...
  51. Love penguin and chick for some reason since I was tiny
  52. Will want a chick related goods if I see one
  53. When staying night at outside, must bring along plush toys Mon-chan (monkey) and Goma-chan (Shirotan)
  54. A rabbit plushy that always with me since I was born
  55. Good in keep thing
  56. New thing cannot be used easily
  57. Love summer
  58. Love pool
  59. Easily sunburned
  60. Sunburned on summer, and becoming white back in winter, skintone is different following the season
  61. Love sleep ~
  62. Before, I hate "time to sleep", reluctant to sleep sometimes, but now is ok, Like to fall asleep even on 20:00pm (laugh)
  63. Unless awake by someone, I'll sleep forever
  64. Weak on morning
  65. The highest record is sleep on 23:00pm, and when I notice, it' already 17:00pm...
  66. Much injuries since very young
  67. Knock on chin when fall down at escalator
  68. Put my hand into the hole between the door and door of the automatic door and ended up with stuck there...
  69. Hospitalization two times because of Pneumonia
  70. Relative on father site many work as teacher and researcher
  71. Relative on mother site many work related with police and hospital
  72. I do not hate study
  73. But, the result is dropped
  74. But, music is 5 (Yay~) (5 is full mark?)
  75. Moa still has lots of secret she hasn't told yet
  76. I'll tell you one secret! Since birth, I have less 2 lower teeth! It's said that after human using fire and do not eat hard thing like it was in the past, newtype with less teeth considerably exist! Thanks to that it's OK having a small chin!
  77. In my rucksack and bag, I put anime characters keyholders of Danganronpa's Monokuma, Creamy Mami etc that I got from Marippe
  78. Now I wish to keep Axolotl as pet
  79. Raise あとり(bird) and Marimo-chan (Spherical moss) before
  80. Must have a dog someday wan~
  81. Love animal
  82. Like experiment
  83. Like to make mud balls~
  84. Like the feels when step into the puddle with boots (piccy~piccy~)
  85. Like potato digging
  86. Like fruit picking (strawberry, apple, peach, orange....)
  87. Often becoming Happy Icecream with Yui~ (Happy Ice Cream = a play where when you and a friend say a same word at a same time, the one who said Happy Ice Cream first and touch the other will get ice cream treat)
  88. Like 百均 (100 yen shop)
  89. Often went to 100yen shop with hana
  90. Talking about reflexology foot with Yunano
  91. Want to continue as M&M !!
  92. Want to go to Disneyland with Junior high year 2 member in SG
  93. Tears all the way
  94. Now I wish to pass the graduation ceremony without crying
  95. Without any Decayed tooth
  96. Being known as sociable but surprisingly shy
  97. Do not speak well in front of kawaii child
  98. Good at making funny and weird song
  99. Wish can deliver to someone, hope and happiness