CHTHONIC x BABYMETAL collaboration and celebration dinner featured on Liberty Times

CHTHONIC x BABYMETAL performance in Taipei and further celebration dinner was featured in the Taiwanese newspaper "Liberty Times", with a group picture and a report of their collaboration performance and celebration where the girls gifted a birthday cake to CHTHONIC's leader Freddy Lim. Read the article and check the scan below! 


CHTHONIC x BABYMETAL at ATT Shoutbox featured on Liberty Times from Taiwan

On CHTHONIC singer's birthday, BABYMETAL send him a Birthday cake and a card wishing him happy 28 years old. 

CHTHONIC having a Chinese New Year's concert, collaborated with the Japanese girls group BABYMETAL, the main singer Freddy surprisingly recieved a birthday cake and a card from them, very touched he said: "This birthday was pushed from bottom to top, a really unforgettable memory!"


Freddy's birthday was on February 1, and Chinese New Year on February 2, but he was concentrated on preparing the concert and rehearsal with BABYMETAL, he totally couldn't celebrate his birthday, feeling a little bit lonely  and disappointed in his heart. Surprinsingly in the next day after the concert ended while in the celebration dinner, the girls gifted him a card and a cake making him feel surprised and touched. 


Was Freddy's 38th Birthday, but these group of little warm heart little sisters prepared him a cake with 28 candles, wishing to their "elder brother" to be always 28 years old. 


The 2 bands danced and headbanged together on stage and the atmosphere was high!


CHTHONIC started the concert, and then was the time for BABYMETAL. The 2 groups performance jammed at the ATT Shoutbox, in the end, the 2 groups collaborated for the BABYMETAL song "Megitsune", the fans and performers sang, danced and headbanged together pushing the atmosphere to the climax. 


After CHTHONIC finished its 40 shows European Tour, the group members were joking to each other that they hopefully won't meet each other again until the Japan performance in the end of February, but they didn't expect they brake the promise due to BABYMETAL




Report by: Liberty Times from Taiwan.

Translation by: Paul De Han

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