BABYMETAL featured on "aniS Magazine" Issue 0 from Singapore

BABYMETAL has been featured in the first issue of aniS Magazine, the Issue 0 of the Magazine from Singapore includes 4 pages about BABYMETAL's performances in Singapore. Check the content below! 


aniS Magazine from Singapore features BABYMETAL's performance in the country

aniS Magazine from Singapore in their Issue #0 December 2013 features 4 pages dedicated to BABYMETAL. The content includes information about BABYMETAL's past: "BABYMETAL started as a sub-unit of the idol group Sakura Gakuin, which fatures an ever-changing roster, in 2010."


Also includes information about their concept: "BABYMETAL utilizes the 'kawaii metal" style, mixing J-pop influences with headbanging metal sounds for an unique blend of cute and cantankerous."


aniS Magazine features BABYMETAL's previous performances like Summer Sonic 2013, Inazuma Rock Festival and also their first performance outside Japan which was in Singapore. 


BABYMETAL was decided to perform a headline show "Live In Singapore" at Scape The Ground Theater on December 28, 2013.


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Content by: aniS Magazine