BABYMETAL x Metallica "Gods Of Metal" collaboration video!

BABYMETAL in collaboration with Metallica in November of 2013 released "Gods Of Metal" a video featuring Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal introducing Metallica's new movie "Through The Never" to the Japanese audience. Read the press release and video translated with English subtitles below! 


BABYMETAL x Metallica "Gods Of Metal" commercial for "Through The Never" Movie

Metallica x BABYMETAL, "Gods Of Metal" collaboration commercial for the "Through The Never" movie. The commercial for "Metallica, Through The Never" featuring BABYMETAL was released! DEATH to the maximus!!


Metallica's movie "Through The Never" is a combination of "Rare Live" plus "Action Movie". Meanwhile BABYMETAL is a combination of world famous "Idol" and "Metal". Both teamed together, the revolutionary Metal-Dance unit talks about the revolutionary movie of Metallica, this is truly great advertisiment. 


"Through The Never" has broken box office records in America, and the Japanese release is continuosly approaching that. The "Gods Of Metal" collaboration is sure to bring the Idol Fans unfamiliar with Metallica to the movie theaters. 


Lars Ulrich (Metalica's drummer), who heard about BABYMETAL through his long-time friend and cameraman, watched BABYMETAL's set on the side of the stage at "Summer Sonic 2013 in Osaka". In the backstage, Kirk Hammet met the  girls and posed for a memorable photo with them. It was a marvelous moment that became the topic of talk among music fans, metal fans and Idol fans around Japan. 


Only Metallica could do a never before 3D Live-Action entertainment movie like this. And only in this original and catchy commercial could BABYMETAL pay tribute to Metallica in a such stylish and sensitive way.




Press release by: Barks Japan

Article translated by: Hitoshi Sugioka. 

Video translated by: Hitoshi Sugioka. 

Style Editor: Daniel Fuentes


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